Thursday, December 4, 2008

SAVED From The Jaws Of DEATH!!!!!!!!!!

NO, Not Me.. My Laptop!

You see she was a sick screen I couldn't do anything but Panic! I do all my business,It is the brain of my embroidery machine, my blogging....I looooove my laptop. I can't replace her...not now at Christmas.....OoooooHHH NOOOOOO!!!!!
When I am feeling blue or want a new idea...I surf around a pattern or better yet find a freebie..oooooh the instant high for me.
Sure we have a PC upstairs...but that's what my husband and the children use....I can't watch TV while I blog...I don't wanta use that one......NO NO please God don't let her die!
All this was banging around in my head as I drove my daughter to dance.....tears trickled down my face (see it is also PMS time too)!
My husband told me it did not look good....
and when I walked in the door He said she was gone...
and then he smiled!
I said how did you fix it when you could not even get in it?
He said F8 and cold files...I quickly put my hand up and said I don't need to know.
He is a self taught computer pro.....good to be sleeping with one of those Huh!
She had some infections and a virus....but she is all clean and healthy now! Thank God and my Husband of course!
I got a present in the mail this week....

I am in a swap with Prim Embroidery Society Forum and Theresa Fease had my name and sent me this quilted runner...I love it! Thanks Theresa!

I have been busy, busy, decorating and I am not done yet...I will show you..maaaaybe tomorrow!


  1. I'm so very happy to hear the great news! I feel the same way about my computer!

  2. I'm so glad that your hubby was able to fix your laptop! And love the table runner!
    Have a great day!

  3. Oh that happened to my computer this fall and I sleep with a self taught computer geek too and he saved mine as well. Yeah!!

  4. Oh thank goodness-glad you're back up and running!! ;)
    very nice table runner, btw!

    Have a wonderful day!


  5. Good news on the computer, good guy to sleep with. Very nice runner, lucky you.


  6. Glad to hear your computer is better. How did we EVER live without them? And what a cute runner.
    Have a blessed day,

  7. OOOh close call!! I wanted to say please tell your hubby that I DO NOT ever eat any turkey BUT BUTTERBALL!!! NEVER WILL!!! LOVE me some Butterball; drives everyone nuts; I will pay more for Butterball if need be; they have QUALITY that is why. I grew up on Butterball and refuse to buy or eat any other kind:) Keep up the good work at Butterball; I'll be getting my Christmas turkey soon! Butterball rocks! Merrie

  8. Oh, close call! Glad your hubby was able to apply some cyber CPR!! I'm adding your blog to my blog list, love it! Deb

  9. omg!! i would be flipping too if my laptop quit working. thats is what i am on right now, with a glass of coke and watching tv. what a life huh, tee hee :)

  10. Thank goodness for husbands who are computer savvy. I am buying my Mom's lap top from her--can't wait to have my own so that I don't have to wait in line for the computer--the girls always have homework to do. Julie

  11. okay another machine embroidery site to go lose your mind at.. you can get sets for $5 and when they have their hourly ones you get sets for $ is called will thank me someday...I just know go lose your mind and tell me what you got...:)

  12. So glad to hear that your computer still lives!! As you know, mine is also the life of my embroidery machine. Couldn't get those designs onto the machine without it, can we.
    My hubby works on computers for a living...but he also taught himself all he knows about them. Thank goodness for those computer geeks that we love.

  13. You're so lucky that your hubby could bring it back for you! My laptop's screen went totally purple one day last week; I thought I was going to have a heart attack! Not only is everything I do on there, but it also controls my cash register at the shop. I managed to shut it down then start it up again, it worked fine after that. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing else happens.

  14. Know how you feel my computer got sick to and I was about to go crazy spent almost a whole day getting it fixed thanks to the help of my uncle! Cant wait to see your holiday decor! Have a great weekend! Blessings, Karen

  15. Love your block of houses! Glad your computer did not die. I hold my breathe all the time. Mine getting a few years on it and Oh I sill holding my breath.

  16. So glad that she is well & healthy! (Smiles) And that quilted piece is gorgeous! You lucky girl.



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