Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Take It Off Tuesday!

Two more pounds down! I went to weigh in, but I did not stay for the meeting. We are down to 4 days before the move...so I am super busy!

No, this is not a flea market, it is actually my new living room...full of my stuff! We are working really hard to get the majority of our things to the house...so on Saturday we only have to move our bedrooms, the fridge, freezer,couch's and TVs.

I do have a little tutorial planed for tomorrow....so y'all come back!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Make Me Prim ....MAKEOVER!!!

Someone commented on one of old posts....so I went back to look at it. I used to do alot of stuff...I have been so busy with everything else lately, I have not had much to offer. Well let me give you a little something today.....
This is a fixture I paid 2$ for at a Church yard sale a few years ago (I have had it stashed away and now I need it for my "new" House)
After I cleaned it up
I removed the plastic covers on the candles and put them to the side.....
I spray painted it with a flat black Walmart paint
Notice that I allow a little of theblack paint to get on the "wood" center.
Then I painted the center with a mustard color ( if some of these pics are goofy...it because I took them with one hand while I worked with the other)

Next get your plastic covers and we are gonna grubbie them....and you can use your favorite way ( the same way you grubbie your tappers)I had some left over candlewax so I am using that today. I melted my wax over very low heat in and old cake pan....just dip it.. roll it..rub it.. what ever turns you on! Then rub on some spices...

I like the drippy look..you get that by letting the wax cool a little and then spoon it on
yea, that's what I like!
Slide your cover on and the little wax bogger will slide on the top from the wax inside...take it out. Let them sit on long enough to harden then sit them aside again.Lilightly sand the middle...
Hey why did't someone tell me you could unscrew that ....makes it a lot easier

Use your favorite aging substance, I am using early american stain.....blot and rub to your liking.
Put it all back together

and you have the almost finished product...still needs to be hung. That will be Joey's job, I am not allowed to play with electricty! It really looks better than the picture shows...maybe it is the countertop it is sitting on. In an ideal world where time and money were not an issue...everything would be changed before we move in!
But you know..I think I make better choices after I live with it a little...so it will all work out. I will show you another pic when it is hung.

Another way to do your candles is paint them with modpodge and roll in spices or use your glue gun to drip glue around the top and let it run down the sides....then paint to your liking (I like crackle on these) Here is another one I did...it was brass...

These last one is a single plastic Christmas candle or was!
Hey Deb, you left me a comment on the tobacco stick post....but I don't know how to get back to you to answer your questions...email me raggedyangels@intrstar.net
I have something to show you!!!
I am getting ready to take a truck load of my belonging to the new house.....only 9 days to go...OMG I have a lot more to do!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Take It Off Tuesday!!!

Look I am finally under 150! A loss of 2 pounds 4 Oz's and I am feeling mighty fine!
We had a great WW meeting today. When I received my second 5 pound star, our leader ask if I had anything to share with the group. So I told everyone why I have the weight lady take a picture of the scale. (cause I really get some weird looks, LOL)
Yes, I told them about all of you! They all thought it was a great idea. I told them what a wonderful motivational tool bloging is, and how we encourage each other. I bragged on all of you! (aww...shucks I nearly teared up!)
I want to pack up a few more boxes before bedtime....only 11 days to go!
Ya'll be good!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Look At My Goodies

Oh my goodness what a box of goodies I got in the mail! This was the revealing of my Valentine admirer swap......and man was Garage Gramma good to me! I got this on Thursday...but I am just now getting a chance to post. I got the little wall hanging, a Little pillow tuck, a can wrap, a candle wrap, a set of coasters, a heart ornie, a check book cove (I needed a new one, a sweet homemade card and...this perfect prim bag! I just love it all! Thank you soooo much Gramma!
12 more days til moving day.....but really we have already got a lot of stuff at the new house already. We have been "moving" for 2 weeks now....all my holiday stuff is in my new attic and things we know we won't use right away are in our storage. Most of my stuff is off the walls and I took a truck load over today. Moving is hard work but I am so excited I don't even mind it. I am so ready to start painting and redoing.....Joey has been holding me back...he says lets get moved first then you can go for it! I know he is right...but don't tell him!
Tomorrow is take it off Tuesday!!! Ya'll be good!!!!Free Signature Generator

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Take it Off Tuesday!

I forgot to take my camera today, so I did not get a picture of the scale. This is a picture of my booklet where the WW lady records my weight. I have a loss of 1 pound 6 oz. At WW you get rewarded with stars that you put on your star catcher book mark.
Here is mine, the little star is for my first 5 pound loss. Today I got my 5% loss star(8 pounds).
I will be so glad when I get below 150!!!

We are having a Spring like day today so I pulled out a pair of khaki Capri pants, that fit well at end of the summer last year(size 10) today they are big. So I am getting there. And be sure to check all the losers over at Primitive Lifestyle, everybody is doing great and nobody is giving up!
I think the secret to loosing weight is changing habits, without feeling deprived. You have to keep some safe foods on hand for when you need a little something something....
I just had the pineapple upside downcake yogurt....yummy! They are all 2 points each.
I gotta get busy...pulling out stuff for our yard sale on Saturday!
Ya'll be good!

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Goodies, Surprises,Changes...oh my!

I hardly know where to even begin...so much is going on in my life! And it is All Good!
First of all I won a prize in the Great Christmas Giveaway at Angelina's Trinkets...lookie at this
The picture does not begin to do the set justice....it is beautiful.....Thank you so much!
I am in a Valentine swap and have been receiving cards and notes from my secret admirer (i had some explaining to do..to my husband). I got this in the mail, ain't' it so purdee?
Now....I knew when this year began that change was in the air! We got a wonderful new President, I wanted to change my weight,my body....my health... and I am!!! But I had no idea!!!! Have you ever had something big happen in your life, that you knew...that you could feel God's hand all around it? That you have no doubts at all...it is a rare and wonderful feeling! For the past 5 years we have been renting this old farmhouse we live in now. We loved the look of it, all the land and the fact that the rent was so reasonable. We hoped that we might buy it, if he ever wanted to sell it. I am glad we didn't....because we have learned that we do not want this much yard to take care of and while old farmhouses are charming in many ways...cold air coming in every crack is not so charming. We have learned that in a big way lately because this winter has been soooooo cold (for NC standards).
We had just started to look around some when we came across a sweet deal......we closed on our house last Wednesday. It is smaller but very well built and it needs curve appeal ( but we can do that), so needless to say I have been very busy. We are gonna be moved in by the first of March! Just this week I have cleaned carpet, power washed windows and packed and moved boxes. We are having a big yard sale next Saturday so we are preparing for that also...but I am so happy! Yes this does meaning the closing of my little shop.....and that is bittersweet...but I know I can do it again if I want to...but right now I just want to focus on my house and my family. I will still have my online business of course and I have some great local customers that would buy from me if I sold stuff from the truck of my car!
I will have lots of before and afters to show you in the coming months...I will give you a little teaser of my house and one of the first projects I want to tackle.
My Kitchen....Love the black hardware on the cabinets, hate the 80's blue. I am thinking a distressed barn red. the counter tops are white with gold flecks....I really want to put in solid wood counter tops. You really can't hurt it and I have seen lots of folks use it.
And I am bringing my white farmhouse sink with me! The ceiling fan will be replaced with a nice primitive fixture I have.
I gotta get busy so much to do...if you did not know it GOD IS GOOD....ALL THE TIME!!!Free Signature Generator

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Take it Off Tuesday

2 pounds down today! Slowly but surely I guess. I think I look a little better and I know I feel better.
I don't know what I am doing with my fingers in that picture..
(hang loose?)..remember I can't see what the scales say...I have to wait for her to tell me. Sometimes she does not tell me as quick as I want her too....but I guess she is taking the picture so it slows her down a bit.
I know I have not posted much lately...but I have got a big project in the works! I will be able to share that with you tomorrow.
I want to share with you a couple of samplers I did with my machine.( I don't want you to think the only thing I have to talk about is my fat a**!!!)
I am working on some cross stitch projects too...I had not done cross stitch since before my children were born. I was inspired by Jenn at Taylor'sFarmhouseAttic...she has a wonderful blog and a heart touching story.
Ya'll Be Good!

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.