Monday, June 30, 2008

New Kid in Town

Look what we got!
My friend Cheri rescued his sister over a week ago at her mothers house. The mother cat was run over by a car. She told me there was another kitty, an orange Tabby..... I always wanted a male orange tabby! She had a hard time earning the trust of this one, it took her a while to get her hands on him.

You would never know it now,as he sleeps on the counter of my shop. ask did I want a male orange tabby. Well I happen to be a Nascar fan and I pull for Tony Stewart, who drives the #20 ORANGE home depot car. So our babies name is Tony Stewart......I always planned to name one Smoke, that is the real Tony's nickname, but Tony just seemed to fit him better. I was hoping he would bring the #20 car some much needed luck yesterday....and it seemed to be working, Tony lead most of the race. But it started to rain right after a pit stop (he was back in traffic)and the race was over. Baby Tony did not seem to mind as he slept on my chest for most of the race. Oh well maybe next week!
Tony is our 4th rescued pet, not to mention I found a cat for my Mama and a dog for my Sister. And it is safe to say they are all spoiled rotten now.

I have added a lot of new things to my Etsy shop, check it out!
Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Radom Act of Kindness

Yes I received an R A K yesterday. For my Etsy shop, I had found this cool blog that had all these free graphics and backgrounds. So I saved a blank banner and added my shop name. Mandie (the blog owner)of Holly Berry Corner saw that I was using one of hers and made me a new personalized banner. See that Angel shelf sitter that is my doll and "the lot of love" she got right from my etsy shop! I just love it. What a special thing to do. I smile every time I see it! Check out her blog and her shop!
)You ROCK Mandie!
I am adding some new things to my Etsy tonight, check it out!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Yesterday we treated ourselves to a trip to the beach. What a wonderful day it was at Emerald Isle North Carolina. The temp was in the mid 80's so it felt perfect to sit on the beach. The water was a bit cool for me, but my husband and children enjoyed it!
As I sat looking out at the endless ocean and the perfect sky, I wondered how anyone cannot believe that our God created this beauty!

On the way back home we stopped in Trenton at one of my favorite shopping stops. The Rag Bag!I always find something I need( my husband would beg to differ, he says I don't need anything else,but he was a sweetie and stopped anyway) And today I found the tobacco basket and it came home with me.

Sorry I did not take any pics inside, oh well I will just have to go back again! But I did Meet "Billy" and hens and a kitty.

When you stop by you will also be able to rent a canoe and paddle the mill pond. Alot of work has been done to restore the Brock Mill Pond. What is this Guy doing...
I know we said the same thing. He is digging (with his hands) this stuff that looks like mulch when it is dry, to clear out for the canoe rides and build up the dock.
I would have been afraid of pulling up a snake.....but he is a teacher at the local high school so I guess he is not scared of much anymore!

This is Neil,the nutty Professor snake hunter and Luke, the "rag bag man".

Here is the old mill, missing is the big old turning wheel that I remember as a child.

Mary-Kate strikes a pose!

Today the pond was low, this picture was taken earlier in the year. It is really pretty. To learn more about the mill pond Follow the link in my places to visit.

On Friday Mary-Kate drew the name of the winner of our summer give away, Lauren of Lauren's Stuff! Your Goodies on on there way!

Friday, June 20, 2008


Well,well I am feeling pretty good about myself right now.
Earlier this week I was accepted to be a member of Old Farmhouse Gathering. This is a wonderful group of very talented artist at Etsy. I am just tickled pink to be part of this team!
Oh and if that was not enough to make my heart go pitter- patter, a friend from Primmart wants some of my babies to sell in her store. What a honor!
Then this morning I got tagged by Kim at
so....... How do you like me now?
Let me see.....5 things I do for myself
*First thing in the morning I like to get my coffee and my laptop,check my email,primmart,OFG and browse around the net...blogs,pattern sites etc. It is my special time (Do Not Mess With Me or you will mess up my whole day)
*This seems to be a popular one with all of us! I get my hair colored and highlighted about every 5-6 weeks or when ever thet devilish grey pops out!
*Read my Country Sampler and Mercantile Gatherings
*I go to thrift stores,yard sales and Goodwill(I love to find a Goodie!)
*Just being in my shop...alone sewing or with customers, I love my store and it is a dream come true.
5 things I do for friends, my children or my partner
* My husband goes to work very early, so every night I set the coffee pot so when he gets up his coffee is ready.
* I rub my husbands head, he loves this...just running my fingers through his hair. His mother started it when he was a little boy.
* I take my daughter to school (I hated the bus when I was in school),dance and I let her kiss me and tell me goodnight 10 times before she goes to bed!
* I give my son gas money when his is gone, I don't fuss when he "cleans" his room and brings down a mountain of dirty laundry! Ok, that is a lie... I fuss!
*My friends come to my shop and "vent", it is an escape for them, and I am glad that they feel better when that leave, and if buying something from me makes them feel better, I am happy to help!
5 things I have done for strangers
* Driving, If someone lets me out I give the little thank-you wave. Jeff Foxworthy said if you don't get that little wave you should be able to "put em' in the wall" like nascar. I agree!
*Helping a older person with bags or when they can't find something in the store.
*Moving my car away from the gas pumps before going in the store to "shop" I Hate it when I have to wait to get my gas cause Johnny Redneck is getting cigs,beer, and 10 different kinds of lottery tickets before I can even get to the gas
*I use my signals in my truck, so others know my next move.
8I say please and thank you.
5 Hobbies I enjoy
Oh my, now I tag 5 others to do the same thing I just did (if they want too) I am new to blogging so let me see if I can find some who haven't been tagged already!

Ok, I did it!

Here is some things I have made this week. I am still doing summer and Americana....most of my prim crafter friends are working on there fall stuff, What can I say...I am a cows tail!
Oh hey, I got Monkey Farts too! Go to my website and check it out! It is not what you think!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Meet Hattie Brown

This is My Big Girl I have been working on.
Now Let me tell you ....Hattie has been in the kitchen all morning, she has been frying chicken, cooked up a big mess of collard greens and homemade biscuits. You see all her kin folk were home today...and
Hattie is tired, and her feets hurt!
She decided to sit in the Garden and enjoy and nice slice of cold watermelon.

And then she had another slice in the swing.....goood watermelon!

Hattie did not want you to see this one.....she was the nude!
Please don't tell her!

Well Hattie is already asleep over in the shop, she has had a big day....and I am pretty give out too!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Been a Busy Ole' Girl Today

First, this morning I finished up this sampler I've been working on. I gave it a good spray of coffee dye,and put it in the sun to dry. I have to check my frame stash and see if I have one the right size for it. I really like it!

I went over to open my store and I had this overwhelming desire to make a very large black I got out my freezer paper and drew out my pattern....I don't even know how big she is (I am not a measuring kinda girl, more of an eyeball er, she a big girl) Anyway, I cut her parts out and sewed her up, clipped and turned her. I started stuffing her with a little stuffing and some fabric scraps I had in the shop. I also made the body for a shelf sitter. Gonna have to open a new box of stuffin' tonight, and probably find some more scraps for my big girl. Oh my she looks like a dead ET at this point!

No. I am not setting up the mini-bar. I made some more room and sprays too. I was nearly sold out of my "Fresh Lavender". You should try is wonderful! You can check it out on my website. I'll keep you posted on the progress of my big doll! Beth

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Give Away!

Yes, I am going to give away this! The wine bottle has a label that reads "pleasure water" and has a wrought iron candle holder on top. Comes complete with 3 (keeper of the Light)watermelon candles. These candles are great because they have a clear shrink wrap that you leave on,that acts as a clear holder, so no mess or waste! You will also get a set of my yummy handmade watermelons! All you have to do is post a comment here or email me at and tell me how or where you would use this if you won it! I will let my daughter Mary-Kate draw a name, and a Winner will be announced Friday June 20th!

Visit my website and my Etsy, I will be adding new things all week!
until next time, Beth

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Bottle Tree

When I discovered that this tree was dead,I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to make it a bottle tree. He said, "what do you mean, a bottle tree"? I explained that you hang empty bottles in the tree, and I showed him a picture in a magazine. He said in his most manly voice "YOU ARE NOT PUTTING BOTTLES IN THE TREE"! Well, I guess you see how that turned out.
In case you are wondering why anybody would ever start putting bottles in trees...
it seems that it all started with people believing they could capture evil spirits and "haints" in the bottles. So there you have it...they look pretty,make use of a dead tree, recycling bottles and from time to time I might catch a "haint" before it can even get up my driveway.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Another Look in my Shop

Hello Again!
I had many people ask if we build my shop. It was an old barn, we were lucky everything was it pretty good shape.It was already wired with electricity, we just needed to add extra outlets. The only real problem was a few rotten spots in the floor. Someone had torn down an old house down the road,guess what was it the pile...tongue and grove floor boards! They said to take what we needed. It worked perfectly! We added some windows and I got the door from Habitat for Humanity Restore. My husband added the porch for my birthday,last year.

I power washed the walls,before we started on the floors. I still have some corncobs stuck in the rafters hidden by the previous residents.
I will be adding some more handmades to my Etsy shop today and don't forget to stop by website and look around.
Until next time,

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.