Thursday, June 12, 2008

Been a Busy Ole' Girl Today

First, this morning I finished up this sampler I've been working on. I gave it a good spray of coffee dye,and put it in the sun to dry. I have to check my frame stash and see if I have one the right size for it. I really like it!

I went over to open my store and I had this overwhelming desire to make a very large black I got out my freezer paper and drew out my pattern....I don't even know how big she is (I am not a measuring kinda girl, more of an eyeball er, she a big girl) Anyway, I cut her parts out and sewed her up, clipped and turned her. I started stuffing her with a little stuffing and some fabric scraps I had in the shop. I also made the body for a shelf sitter. Gonna have to open a new box of stuffin' tonight, and probably find some more scraps for my big girl. Oh my she looks like a dead ET at this point!

No. I am not setting up the mini-bar. I made some more room and sprays too. I was nearly sold out of my "Fresh Lavender". You should try is wonderful! You can check it out on my website. I'll keep you posted on the progress of my big doll! Beth

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