Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tobacco Stick Stars and more Goodies

After showing yall my tobacco sticks, someone suggested I make some stars....well I am way ahead of you girls! I made these a few weeks back. They are hanging on the doors of my pantry cabinet, oh I haven't shown you that before! I designed (that means I told him what to do) and my sweet husband made it for me. I have always wanted a pantry, but I have never had one. So we made one. I purchased the old doors for 10$. I keep my microwave, toaster oven and all my dry goods in there. No, you don't need to see in there. Anyway I will be making alot more stars....I want a huge one for my chimney and I already have some local ladies wanting some. Busy, busy...

Now I had to go to town today to restock at Walmart so....You know I had to make my thrift store rounds! Lookie Lookie!

I found a neat wood bowl on a pedestal, another round wood bowl, a little wood crate. some new candle molds, a pack of pipe cleaners (you never know when you might need those) 3 pie pans, a vintage sifter and masher. The plaid you see is a big wool skirt....next time you see it....it will be an ugly punkin!
Oh and last but not least the stitched table cloth that is laying underneath it all! Am I lucky or just good!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Goodies

This is the gate that I got on Friday. I put the little sign on it and leaned it on my shop....Love it!

In my shop and website I sell "crumbles"(melting tarts)and they are wonderful! I recently got in a new scent...Glazed Lemon Cookies. My friend Cheri was the first to try them and after she raved about how good they smelled I got a bag to use in my house. One small piece in the tart warmer and my house smelled like I had just baked a lemon pound cake.

Well I have been talking about how now I wanted a lemon pound cake. Look what Cheri brought me this morning. Still warm ....yummmy...as you can see I already had a chunk for lunch. I asked her why she didn't keep some for herself she said "cause I baked me one to"!

Thanks Cheri you're a real SWEETIE!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fat Friday, Ugly Punkin's and more!

I can do Fat Friday to!
Today we will make my marinated grilled chicken breast. I like these boneless breast from Walmart. They come in Ziploc bag, and since I always cook them all, I use the bag to marinate.

You need one stick of margarine or butter, melt it, cool it a little and pour it in the bag. Get a store brand cheapo Italian dressing, pour about 8oz in the bag. Zip the bag and shake it around...stirring it all around. I put the bag in the frig for 4-6 hours.

Take them out of the bag and place on hot grill, I pour some of the liquid out of the bag on them while cooking. It smells so good! Grill until done ( I am not a measurer or a timer) Yummy!

Tonight we are having ours on a bun with lettuce,tomato & mayo....Come to Mama!

Sometimes I grill peppers,onions and mushrooms with them or a bag of stir fry vegetable's! Very Simple and very GOOD!

Okay let's see what I got done today

These are called ugly punkins, not by me but the pattern designer (tickled Primitive)
I saw these on someones blog and I had to have the pattern. I think they are called ugly because of the ugly things you say when trying to turn and stuff those stems!#**##**
But I really like them.

These signs are almost finished...need poly and hangers.
I would have gotten a little more done but I got a little distracted when a friend called and wanted to know if I wanted some tobacco sticks...and I could have them...if I come get them.
Well YEA I want em'! So Mary-Kate watched the store while my friend Cheri and went to get them.

And look what else I got
This Gate and a old door, LOVE IT! I also got some old barn wood!!! I was skipping around like a little school girl...really I was!

I coffee stained my thrift store cat and bear and started primming my big bowl....and painted my cheese box.(they are not ready for pictures yet) Wow I did get something done today!

My Etsy Special and More

I have just got back from removing all shipping charges from my products at etsy. No shipping, shipping charges suck...but it is a necessary evil ...But not this weekend! Go Check it out!

This is my mantle in my living room. See my lighted house set...I sell the same one on etsy for 35$. In a very popular magazine that most of us get...this same set is
64$, plus shipping! (pg 177) I could not believe it! I had 2 customers call me (that have purchased a set from me) to tell me about it. I went back and looked at it several times OMG...that is a huge difference.
Now I have to get off my hine-end and get busy..I have signs to stain, punkins to finish and that is the fun stuff. Maybe I will get another post in this evening so you can see if I got my work done!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thrift Shop Thursday

I did a little thrift shop hopping today and got a few goodies. I got this old looking broom (.99)...to bad it is not big enough to ride! It was the only good thing at Goodwill. The kids did get some good movies for .99 each.

At Habitat for Humanity Re-store I got this Big wood bowl, plus the matching small bowls. They are stamped Vermont Woods on the bottom. I am gonna prim em up! $3.49

At City Missions I got this wood boot (needs to be black) This big kitty that needs a cinnamon coffee dip. He is a door stop, it feels like there is a half brick in his bottom.

I found this two hooked mats,they are handmade, I just like them!

And this Teddy made from an old quilt, I am not really into teddy bears...but I like him. He is jointed and has button eyes. He needs a little primming to. He was .75

And my best find is this little handmade wood house with a removeable roof...I love it! 5$ I can't wait to get everything in it's own special place!

I did not find the one thing I was looking for...metal pie pans. I could not even find new ones, except in a bake wear set. I need some for some fabric pies. Maybe I will find some while yard saleing Saturday!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Face Lift

No, not me silly MY BLOG!(I am sure I could use a touch up in a few places) What do you think? I love it! It looks more "homey". I have to thank Mandie She is awesome! If you are in the market for a new look go see her now! I am her customer for life. She also does alot of other cool work here and here.
I also want to thank my buddy Kindra for answering a tech question for me yesterday.
It is funny how you can struggle with something on this computer and then someone shows you and you think...duh..that is so simple! But I must say I have come along way baby, with my skills in the last year or so...with alot of headaches and alot help from my friends!

Monday, July 21, 2008

My Vintage Baby Clothes

Look what I found on ebay. 32 pieces of wonderfully made baby clothes. The seller said they were from a well to do family, whose children only wore the best. Little southern girls from Alabama. They are from the 1930's and 1940's. I absolutely Love them! They are simple yet so detailed.

I was telling my mother about them and I said I was gonna use some of them for my dolls.....and she said no...no you have to keep those. But I think I can spare some for a few special dolls!

TONY Get out of my baby clothes!!!
Look at this cheese box my husband got me from a yard sale (after 20 years he knows what I like!) I have never seen one like this,it is about 1/2 the thickness of the ones I have. I have a plan for it...show you later.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Baby's Got a Name!

Meet Beulah Mae the pick of Just Piddlin from Primmart. My family narrowed it down to three names and told me I had to choose. Well I could not pick, so we put them in a bowl and drew Beulah Mae! Thank you all for your participation, there were 61 names posted here and on primmart.
Congratulations "Just Piddlin" you have $15.00 to spend!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Working for Fall

It is really hard to think of frost on the pumpkin when there is sweat on your brow! I did make this big plaid pumpkin with sunflowers and a crow.
I know some of you are working on Christmas....I don't even want to talk to you! LOL!
And this is Olde Jack, I just love him. He is a Simple Thyme Primitives Patterns. I love how Prim and Simple he is!

I also got out some pumpkins and things I made last year. (see I was ahead and did not even know it)

This is your last chance to name my baby, we will be announcing on a winner tomorrow at 6:00 pm. There are so many good ones, I don't know how we will pick just one!

Go over to http://countrygirlathome.blogspot.com/ Tammy has just opened a new etsy and is having a great give-a-way! I want to win!

And then go to http://kateskountrykottage.blogspot.com/ She is giving away a cute little doll. I want that to!
And guess what! Another Brilliant Blog Award!
This one comes from Rechelle at http://walnuthavencottage.blogspot.com/ I guess I must be doing something right! It really does make me feel so good to know that you enjoy my blog! Thank you!

Monday, July 14, 2008

I have Awards!!!

I have received a Brilliant Web blog Award From Denise at http://kklprimitives.blogspot.com/Thanks for picking me Denise!
And I also got one from Carolyn at
http://cranberrycrossings.blogspot.com/ I am so honored! Please visit both this wonderful blogs.
The rules for receiving this award are:

1) Put the logo on your blog.

2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.

3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4) Add links to those blogs on yours.

5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

I nominate:




Hey, Don't forget to name my baby.....winner will be picked Saturday!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Meet Gracie and Ole' Mammy

Mammy is based on an shelf sitter pattern by Lucy's Lazy Dayz Primitives,

She has some great dollmaking tips on her site.
This was my first attempt at sculpted lips.....my son said she had Mick Jagger Lips!

Don't forget to enter my contest (post below this one) post there or email me at

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Name My Baby Contest

I have just completed this doll and she needs a name. As you can see she is very prim. She has a pouty mouth like she is about to cry. What would you name her? Post your suggestion here. My family and I will choose the name we like best, and the winner will get a $15.00 credit to use on my website or my etsy! So post away as many times as you want! Winner will be posted on Saturday June 18Th.
I have two more dolls almost ready...one is waiting for her hair to be done (I am waiting for felting needles in my mailbox)the other ones dress was a little to small(she must have gained weight overnight)so I have to make her a new one...tomorrow.
Look at these jars I got at goodwill today. I will painting those shiny silver lids of course. I have a thing for jars these days! Come back tomorrow and see my other dolls!

Monday, July 7, 2008


I have big plans for this week. I have got to get started on some fall things. I have two big shows already scheduled. The girls at Primmart have inspired me so I am gonna get started on some pumpkins and stuff by the end of the week. And I have some new stencils for signs...First I have to finish up these babies.
My daughter said "mama you can see there guts." LOL They ate my flag scraps!
But it won't matter. I made these with skinny arms and legs, they are gonna be really primitive!

Here's what I do when painting large things (or a lot of anything). I wash out an old spray bottle, squirt some paint in (I am not a measuer)put in some coffee (I always have some leftover in the pot) a little warm water if you need it, and I like to put in a little fragrance oil to. Do not add any cinnamon, that will clog your hole! And that's not good!
Lay your dolls or whatever on and old box or something. Spray em' down good, let them bake in the sun, turn em' and spray them again! This is alot less messy for me.
I am gonna do the same thing with my pumpkins (when I get them made and orange of course).
While I was outside this morning I had to take a picture of my hibiscus. So pretty...and I had to slap some Japanese beetles off.

Here is my Feedsack Raggedy I made on Saturday. She is OOAK, her dress is from old feedsack. It is a wonderful print. She is gonna head over to my Etsy shop.
I gotta get busy if I am gonna get anything accomplished, sometimes I wish I had a clone......no, it would probably be EVIL clone and work against me...so I'll just get busy!

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.