Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Goodies

This is the gate that I got on Friday. I put the little sign on it and leaned it on my shop....Love it!

In my shop and website I sell "crumbles"(melting tarts)and they are wonderful! I recently got in a new scent...Glazed Lemon Cookies. My friend Cheri was the first to try them and after she raved about how good they smelled I got a bag to use in my house. One small piece in the tart warmer and my house smelled like I had just baked a lemon pound cake.

Well I have been talking about how now I wanted a lemon pound cake. Look what Cheri brought me this morning. Still warm you can see I already had a chunk for lunch. I asked her why she didn't keep some for herself she said "cause I baked me one to"!

Thanks Cheri you're a real SWEETIE!


  1. Beth you must get that recipe for me!!!! I love lemon cake. YUMMMMMMYYY!!!!! I was burning a lemon cheesecake candle yesterday from Kinfolk Candles and I just love it.

    Great fence piece!


  2. your picket fence gate and the lemon cake looks wonderful.

  3. Now I want a lemon pound cake too! :) Looks so good!

  4. omg!! the cake and melts looks so great!!

  5. Love the fence & sign Beth, and the tarts sound wonderful!

  6. Oh, I just love that little gate with the sign! Your glazed lemon cookie crumbles sound extremely yummy! I bet they smell devine!


  7. Hehe, girl you spoiled me! Received the Big - O - Box of wonderful goodies today ( Thanks!!)Put the pics on my blog.

    Theses pumpkin stems are cute! Reminds me of the "The Night before Christmas"


  8. Your fence and lemon treats are wonderful!
    That was a great thing you did for Mandie! I'm sure she loved those treats! By the way, do you have those apples for sale? I think they would look great in a basket!

  9. Beth,

    I love your gate and I sure would have been excited too over all those tobacco sticks! Are you going to make a prim ladder?

    The cake and the grilled chicken breasts look great! I like that marinade! I'm trying that one!

    Have a great day! Thanks for all your visits to my blog! I enjoy your comments!


  10. i love old fences and gates and did good with this gate...the sign is just perfect...and oh my my...that cake looks yummy....did you eat it all yet...i would have....hehe

  11. I agree with Primlin56 - you did good! Love the pantry too - and hummm - no peek inside? No ones sees inside my closets either. LOL


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