Friday, July 18, 2008

Working for Fall

It is really hard to think of frost on the pumpkin when there is sweat on your brow! I did make this big plaid pumpkin with sunflowers and a crow.
I know some of you are working on Christmas....I don't even want to talk to you! LOL!
And this is Olde Jack, I just love him. He is a Simple Thyme Primitives Patterns. I love how Prim and Simple he is!

I also got out some pumpkins and things I made last year. (see I was ahead and did not even know it)

This is your last chance to name my baby, we will be announcing on a winner tomorrow at 6:00 pm. There are so many good ones, I don't know how we will pick just one!

Go over to Tammy has just opened a new etsy and is having a great give-a-way! I want to win!

And then go to She is giving away a cute little doll. I want that to!
And guess what! Another Brilliant Blog Award!
This one comes from Rechelle at I guess I must be doing something right! It really does make me feel so good to know that you enjoy my blog! Thank you!


  1. You've been working hard. I'm slacking AGAIN!!!!

    Hey I'm a Mary Beth too!!!! No wonder we like the same things huh great minds think alike. LOL.


  2. I love your pumkins! We don't celebrate hallowen, but I love fall!

  3. Beth,

    Thanks for announcing my giveaway on your blog! I put your name in the pot a total of 3 times! Good luck!

    I love your new Beulah Mae too! What were the other two names you had it narrowed down to?

    ~ Tammy ~


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