Friday, July 25, 2008

My Etsy Special and More

I have just got back from removing all shipping charges from my products at etsy. No shipping, shipping charges suck...but it is a necessary evil ...But not this weekend! Go Check it out!

This is my mantle in my living room. See my lighted house set...I sell the same one on etsy for 35$. In a very popular magazine that most of us get...this same set is
64$, plus shipping! (pg 177) I could not believe it! I had 2 customers call me (that have purchased a set from me) to tell me about it. I went back and looked at it several times OMG...that is a huge difference.
Now I have to get off my hine-end and get busy..I have signs to stain, punkins to finish and that is the fun stuff. Maybe I will get another post in this evening so you can see if I got my work done!


  1. Love your houses and the way your mantel looks. Kathy

  2. I love that mantel!! They houses sure are prim and cute!! And I like the new look over here!! I didn't get to visit in a couple days...You scored during your thrift shop shopping!!

  3. I love the way your mantle looks. I bought a set of those houses many years ago. I no longer have some of them as they ripped of their bases.


  4. I love the way you decorated your mantel, the houses look so neat lit:)
    I'm going to visit your Etsy now:)

  5. Beth, thanks for looking at my site. I visited your Etsy, I love your dolls. i may have to shop. The star caught my eye, too. Quick question, how can I make my Favorite Blogs highlight so others can visit other sites from mine. If you notice mine dont highlight? And I love the playlist, where does that come from?Ive added youyo my favorites and will check you daily!! Dawn

  6. I love your mantel! I espeically love the little doll with the flag! And I love the big star! Everything looks great..oh and the Bless This Home sign! I'm on my way to check out your Etsy store!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Beth I did it! Thanks to you. I went back and watched the video and had all my windows minimized so I could go back and watch step by step and the elecric went. No Lie! I had to start over, but I did it. Now I hope I have everyone and I can do it again. I will tackle the playlist. I made one last night but where do I get the code and where do i copy and paste it to. I know Im a mess, thanks Dawn


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