Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Take it off Tuesday

Well...not taking much off today! I lost one pound! I was really upset at first...because I felt like I had lost more. So I went into the meeting, and I am sure it showed on my face (my lips were pooched out)I am sure! Anyway Our leader is talking about how you will have slow weeks and she said to think of it like this......you have alot of birds and you are tyring to get them back in their cage, if you try to catch them all at once, you won't be able to do it. But if you get one, put it in (shut the door) then get another and so on...you will be able to get all the birds back in the cage!
Okay..I get it...patience.
My birds are probably coo coo birds!

Anyway I was putting up the groceries ...and I saw this pack of ham...1 pound...okay that is a lot of meat. So I feel better now, at least I am moving in the right direction.

I had a big package on my porch when I got home today....
This is what is in the box...ProForm Momentum Elliptical.
Now I must admit... this is not my first piece of exercise equipment, I have had many, many things that eventually made there way to the yard sale.
But my husband and I both like this...and it works everything! HSN had free shipping and I love the flex pay....check it out here, watch the video to see how it works.
So if you smell something burning ....it is ....FAT!!!

Cause you can bet your booty, I am gonna get to my pot of gold!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Say it Ain't ..........SNOW!!!

Yes it is!

Okay which one of you northern girls sent this down here?

It is pretty....but because of it my WW meeting was canceled today....so no weigh in. Well I guess I can look forward to a bigger loss next week.
I have been in my pj's all day....and when it is cold outside you need something to snuggle up with.....This was in the mailbox today!
And lookie here, our friend Linda from Behind my red door, is in here...her home is..and it is wonderful! See...

Oh Janene! I am eating a plate of french fries right now...yum...yum, oh I am not cheating ....I can have 3oz of baked fries for only 3 points. That is what is so great about WW ....you can have the good stuff...just change it up a bit! Oh BTW, I am having 6oz. for 6 points!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I almost forgot my giveaway! My Bad!
Let's get to it......

Mary-Kate stirs the 98 entries and pulls out one....

Jessica of Rocky Mountain Crafter
You are a winner! You can go to my Etsy to see the choices available in my soy melts.
Email me with your choice and your mailing address. raggedyangels@intrstar.net
If you don't see a scent you like in the soy...I have some other melts in my shop, let me know.
Thank all of you who entered...I wish I could give it to all of you!
I am gonna have a special Valentine giveaway next month!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Yea, baby.... 4.6 pounds gone! I'll take it....I hope I can do that well every week!
I had a wonderful meeting...we talked about filling foods, foods like whole grains, high fiber...that fill you and stay with you. I went food shopping right after...ladies check labels...don't assume because it says light or low fat that it is a good choice.
This week I need to increase my water intake.....not easy for me....I don't like water! Thank God for the sugar free lemonade mix to add to it! And I need to get into a workout routine too.
Come on you can be a LOSER too!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Wintertime Giveaway!!!

I promised a giveaway last week and I am finally back to fulfill the promise.
I have been very busy packing up Christmas, cleaning and rearranging. Next year I think we will have a simple colonial Christmas....a few candles and some pine sprigs!
So now for the giveaway....
You can win this electric tart warmer, framed stitchery, and a pack of soy melts in the scent of your choice. Here is another picture with the warmer off so you can see it better.
As you can see the warmer has punched snowman and it also has snowflakes. I did the stitchery with my embroidery machine, the pattern is from Heartstrings. I think it is soooo cute.
As always leave a comment for one entry, join my fan club for a second (follow my blog)LOL! A big following is good for my ego! For a third entry post it on your blog.....cause I want everyone to know about the Grand Opening of my new website this Saturday!!! If you are not a blogger just email me raggedyangels@intrstar.net
Mary-Kate will draw a name at 6 pm on Saturday.
Tomorrow is my weigh in at WW. I think I have done really well...but the scales will tell the tale. This is what I had for lunch today...it is very good.There are so many yummy choices now...you really do not feel deprived at all.
Thank you all for your support...it means sooooo much to me!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ready or Not.....

Here I am! I hate getting my picture made now...yuk!

I am all signed up at weight watchers and here is my weight....
(the lady thought I was nuts when I ask her to take this picture)

I got all my stuff!
According to the little chart a person of 5'2" should weigh no more than 137 and no less than 109....so I am going for 130.

I think one of the most important things you need to do is keep a journal....If you BITE it WRITE it! It really makes you think before you stick something in your mouth.

I am gonna do this ....I am gonna loose 31.4 pounds(at least)! And I am gonna shape up!
Thank you to everyone who is offering there support...and to you girls that ready to loose it....WE CAN DO THIS!!!
Tomorrow...I will show you some stuff I have been working on.....AND a GIVEAWAY!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Change is Coming!

Yes it is!
it is that time of year...for resolutions...promises to do better! I know cause every year like Lot's of you I say I gonna loose some weight...start working out and so on! Last year I joined the local Curves....working out 3 times a week, loosing pounds,loosing inches....doing everything right....they went OUT OF BUSINESS! I said I will work at home ....yea right!
I have gone to Weight Watchers and lost weight a couple of times before....so last week I decided to go back. I start on Tuesday.
The weighing in...the accountability works for me.
I got this stuff in the mail on Saturday so I am taking that as a sign that I am moving in the right direction.

(I saw this on someones blog and I had to steal it!)

I used to loose weight to look better...now at 43...it is about FEELING better. Loosing this weight will do wonders for my back and my blood presures been a little high lately so I need to do something!
I am gonna take this accountability thing one step further....see tomorrow when I go to weight in...you are going with me. That's right I will take a picture of me on the scale...and the big number! Every Tuesday...we will watch that number go down together. You see it doesn't matter what we have tried before....it only matter's that we are willing to try again! So can I count on you to cheer me on?
I will set my goals tomorow....this time I am gonna make it all the way to the finsh line!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Can you smell these.......

Oh I wish you could they are so yummy smelling. I just added more of these new soy candles and melts to my etsy shop.
I don't even like paraffin candles anymore....these smell and burn so much better.
These are made locally for me...and I have tried many different brands, these are wonderful. More scents to come!

Click here to go over and see!
I hope everyones new year is off to a great start!!!

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.