Thursday, April 23, 2009

Show Me Your Front Door

As You all know we recently moved into a "new" old home. We have lots of changing and updating to do. But I think one of the most important features of a home exterior is the front door. I have become obsessed with looking at them, every street I go down, home stores and of course here on the net.

Okay this is not my front door....but I could not write about doors without showing the now world famous "Red Door"! Yes this door belongs to our friend Linda from Behind My Red Door
Now you know when you see a door like this.....that the inside has got to be wonderful.....and we know that it is! I love her door, maybe I will do mine like hers.

No this is not but door either, it belongs to Kelly,the owner of Small Town Primitives But I just love the look, her father made it for her....oh maybe I want one like that. I like the added thingy above her door too...looks so colonial...I might want some of those too.
Check out her Home Pics too!

Alright I guess I have to show my door the way it looks right now......

I know yuck!
If a front door tells you about the owner...what does this say about me?
I am ugly, outdated, dusty and have bugs in my crack!!!!!
Okay so the storm door has to go to the dump......what about the main door...
It is wood, has nice panels....with paint and some new hardware, I think I can make this door work. I have looked at some new ones and they are big bucks.
So now I want to see your door....does it say what you want it to. What suggestions do you have for me. I will be looking for your post.
I am painting and redoing my bathroom today....I will have some more house pics this weekend!
Show Me Your Doors!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Garden Dreaming

Have you caught the Spring fever yet? I have...I am so ready to get busy outside. This year it is gonna require more than buying a few flats of flowers. Those Pics above are front last Summer. Our new back yard is mostly bear...which is good in a way, I like to work with a clean slate. We plan to build a workshop, put in a lot of wood fence and...and well the list is long. So in the mean time I will dream and plan. These are some great places of inspiration...ENJOY!

Dream Garden
Back in Thyme

Twigs Prim Garden




Saturday, April 11, 2009


I am So sorry I did not post last night....I was wiped out and fell a sleep in my chair (cross stitch in hand).

So.....the winner is


Email me with your shipping address, and I will get your box of goodies ready to mail.
Don't fret if you did not win today....this is my 96th hummmmm, another giveaway might be in order.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kitchen Pictures....the blues are gone!

Okay, one more look at the before

And now... come on in look around....just don't go to far,the other rooms are not company ready yet! LOL!!!
I need to sit down and stencil myself a dry goods sign to go above my cabinet that I left the dooors off of. were not suposed to see that box sitting in the kitchen floor!
This is the family room area right off the kitchen.(above)

After it got dark...I took another pic in the kitchen, so you could see the curtain(without the sun blasting thru) is made from black stripe ticking. .

Speaking of curtains, let me share with you a bright idea I had ( I get one every once in a while). I measured my windows and decided how much fabric I needed for each window. I wrote it down on file label stickers. When I went to Walmart I ask the lady to cut what I needed for each window and I stuck the labels on each peice. So all I have to do is sew a rod pocket and hand it up! Walmart lady was impressed...anyway

I am so glad the kids are out of school for Spring driving twice a day!
I can have more home time to finish my decorating....the hardest part was the kitchen. No more major redo's until we start on the floors. Well I am gonna paint the bathroom and all the doors and trim.....but you know what I mean....the kitchen is always the hardest.
We will draw a winning name tomowow evening, so it your last chance to enter!
Be Good and have a GREAT Good Friday!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Springtime Giveaway

Well Hello! My posts have been so far and few between, that I decided to make it up to you by having a giveaway. I put together this little gathering...a 24" stenciled antiques sign, a treenware bowl that holds 3 handmade baby chicks nestled in a bed of angel hair vine and sweet annie. If you would a chance to win, simply leave me a comment telling me where you might place these goodies in your home. To get 2 more chances on your blog and follow my blog ( if you already do, you are in...just let me know).

I am sure some of you might think I have fallen off the weight loss wagon....well I haven't (i was cropping off my ugly unpainted toes and did something make it black)
I have loss 2.2 pounds since my last weigh in. So I am getting there...slowly but surely!

The kitchen is almost picture ready. We are gonna put in the new stove hood tonight.
I keep playing around with the decor...or tweaking as you all say!
I have decided to make some simple tie back curtains....I am gonna go buy fabric tomorrow. So stay tuned!!!

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.