Thursday, April 23, 2009

Show Me Your Front Door

As You all know we recently moved into a "new" old home. We have lots of changing and updating to do. But I think one of the most important features of a home exterior is the front door. I have become obsessed with looking at them, every street I go down, home stores and of course here on the net.

Okay this is not my front door....but I could not write about doors without showing the now world famous "Red Door"! Yes this door belongs to our friend Linda from Behind My Red Door
Now you know when you see a door like this.....that the inside has got to be wonderful.....and we know that it is! I love her door, maybe I will do mine like hers.

No this is not but door either, it belongs to Kelly,the owner of Small Town Primitives But I just love the look, her father made it for her....oh maybe I want one like that. I like the added thingy above her door too...looks so colonial...I might want some of those too.
Check out her Home Pics too!

Alright I guess I have to show my door the way it looks right now......

I know yuck!
If a front door tells you about the owner...what does this say about me?
I am ugly, outdated, dusty and have bugs in my crack!!!!!
Okay so the storm door has to go to the dump......what about the main door...
It is wood, has nice panels....with paint and some new hardware, I think I can make this door work. I have looked at some new ones and they are big bucks.
So now I want to see your door....does it say what you want it to. What suggestions do you have for me. I will be looking for your post.
I am painting and redoing my bathroom today....I will have some more house pics this weekend!
Show Me Your Doors!!!!


  1. Haha, too funny you are!!!!

    I bet you make your front door look as wonderful and welcoming as Linda's:)

  2. LOL - I started reading and came to the link for Small Town Primitives and got sidetracked...for quite some time... and found my way back...WHEW!
    I have a red door like Linda's so I'm very partial to that color.
    If you are going for a Country-Prim looking door then either red or black...they both show off any kind of decoration you might put on such as wreaths, baskets - whatever.
    New hardware alone will spiff up your door lots (Spiff....hmmmm...I'm dating myself bigtime! lol)

  3. Hey Beth, I sorta like the door the color is is -- looks like a blue/grey?? Some hardware wpuld be all you need!! (BTW, I am SO embarressed but I didn't see any chicks and stuck my hand ALLLLL the way down the box!! Did I toss them??? Oh no!!)

  4. I kept looking at that door thinking that looks like Linda's door. :) I loved the pictures of both doors but I think your door has a lot of potential. I will be moving this weekend and will no longer have a door of my own but I will be checking back to see what you do with your door. :)


  5. love the pics!!
    its funny cause my email addy is smalltownprim
    i didnt know there was actually a small town primitives site!! thanks!

  6. LOL! you're a hoot!

    I actually like your door!
    It does have lots of potential, some new knobs and a prim piant color and oh my! IT's gonna be a beauty! I added blk iron straps to mine to give it an old look...What ever you do, I know it will say "WELCOME" to my Prim home ;)

    Have a great day!

  7. Well girl - not long ago we had the same ugly storm door and the same brass door knob. I axed the storm door (looks over functions! LOL) and we changed the knob and presto - it looks sooooooo much better! You have the same potential. Just a fresh coat of paint and a new knob.

    I can't wait to see what you do!!

    hugs, Linda

  8. My front door is actually very old stained glass. I love it!! You van see it on my slideshow on my blog. Your door will look great!

  9. I painted our door black, new knob and added a quilted hanging--it looks and feels like "home". I have never really thought about the front door until your post--I liked it. A front door does make difference. Hope you find something that you like--make sure you show us!! Have a nice day. Julie

  10. "Bugs in your crack"??!!!
    Too funny! LOL! I needed that chuckle today!
    I'm sure whatever you decide will be great!
    Be sure to post what you do!


  11. so you say you have bugs in your crack..sounds like a personal problem to are a door is red and I am wanting a I am painting it black. it will look good with the white trim and yellow house..we too have a storm door and the outdoor cats have all but destroyed the it looks prim...a little too much for my taste..but we can leave the door open in the summer time the top screen is okay..just need to fix the is white..but now i want to paint it...don't want to look like the clampets...have a good one..:)

  12. I'm sure when you are finished with your door it will look like Linda's. Black or red would be my choices. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  13. I love this post! My favorite door is actually my back door! You can see it on my blog header. But I have painted the inner door black since the pic was taken. I guess I will have to update my picture!

    I cant wait to see how your door turns out!

  14. Beth,

    I have a red door's my very favorite color for a door! I just don't think you can go wrong with a red door...there's so many shades of red that look good too!

    I know yours will be wonderful!


  15. I'm sure whatever you decide to do, it'll be beautiful! Can't wait to see! Got me rethinking my own front door now! lol ~~Annie

  16. I have the same ugly screen door, but I painted the main door red.just waiting to replace the screen door with a full glass one.


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