Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kitchen Pictures....the blues are gone!

Okay, one more look at the before

And now... come on in look around....just don't go to far,the other rooms are not company ready yet! LOL!!!
I need to sit down and stencil myself a dry goods sign to go above my cabinet that I left the dooors off of. were not suposed to see that box sitting in the kitchen floor!
This is the family room area right off the kitchen.(above)

After it got dark...I took another pic in the kitchen, so you could see the curtain(without the sun blasting thru) is made from black stripe ticking. .

Speaking of curtains, let me share with you a bright idea I had ( I get one every once in a while). I measured my windows and decided how much fabric I needed for each window. I wrote it down on file label stickers. When I went to Walmart I ask the lady to cut what I needed for each window and I stuck the labels on each peice. So all I have to do is sew a rod pocket and hand it up! Walmart lady was impressed...anyway

I am so glad the kids are out of school for Spring driving twice a day!
I can have more home time to finish my decorating....the hardest part was the kitchen. No more major redo's until we start on the floors. Well I am gonna paint the bathroom and all the doors and trim.....but you know what I mean....the kitchen is always the hardest.
We will draw a winning name tomowow evening, so it your last chance to enter!
Be Good and have a GREAT Good Friday!


  1. Beth,
    Your kitchen looks awesome...I love it!! Thanks for sharing all those wonderful picutres of it.
    What a great idea about the curtain fabric!
    Have a great Easter weekend.

  2. Great kitchen, I love all the color together I think the constrast in colors really makes things pop!

  3. I love, love, love your "new" kitchen. It looks great!

  4. I love your kitchen, the colors are gorgeous. I wish I had half that space in mine;) I notice you have that stick with the pegs sticking out of it, hanging from your quilt rack. I have one and no idea what it is.


  5. Hard to believe it is the same kitchen!
    Wow! Looks sooo different.
    Happy easter to you too

  6. In a word... it's Bee-you-ti-ful!

  7. It looks fabulous Beth! Looks so lived in and comfy! Wow, what a before and after! Have a great Easter weekend in your new kitchen.!

  8. OH I love that red color in your kitchen..I especially love the open cabinets...looks like a general store way back, love how you have it decorated...have a wonderful Easter weekend and don't forget to draw my name...:)
    Gina :)

  9. Wow, love the kitchen redo...the open cupboards especially! And the counter tops and all of your wonderful displays.

    What a clever idea for the curtain fabric--what a timesaver.

  10. Beth, It looks GREAT! WOW.
    Love it!

  11. Your kitchen it absolutely Prim Perfect!
    Even with the box on the floor! (I had to go back to see!)
    It looks so inviting...People will imediately feel comfortable when they come to visit!
    Have a great weekend and a very Happy Easter!
    Sorry about the Spool...but you never know, it may be sooner than you think!

  12. Love the red! Love it all actually~just beautiful! Have a great Easter weekend Beth!

  13. What a transformation. It turned out great. I absolutely love those little bunnies in the bowl.


  14. I just love your kitchen make-over. So much storage. The color is just perfect. What a neat idea taking the doors off some of the cupboards and using it for a display place for your wares. The curtains just set the kitchen off. Great Job!!

  15. What a big difference! Love the antiuqe red and that was a neat idea to make the doors look like beadboard. Well done!!

    Have a great Easter! hugs, Linda

  16. Wow , that looks really great! I like the open display that you have with your cabinets!

  17. Hi there and I love your what a lot of work but look at the beautiful results.
    And your curtains are just adorable. I like the ticking.

  18. i am completely wowed!! you did and awesome job!! i am going to share this with my dad. he wants to do something with his cupboards and they even have the same hardware as yours!!

  19. Beth, OHHHHH! Ok, I expecially love the old cutting boards( love the rope looped through the hole) love the old boxes and the rack that looks like you made itout of old boards and then a piecs of green trim in the front. The cabniet full of old tins are fabulous! I also l oving the old door leaned against the fridge, great job girl, its looks so awesome! Dawn

  20. Just wonderful! Looks great every detail...wonderful job!
    Happy Easter

  21. Wow, what an awesome job, you should be proud of all that hard work..Looks great!!

  22. Beth, Beth, Beth....I was ooohhing over each picture! I absolutely LOVE your red cabinets! They are awesome! Unforunately, that's one place my husband won't budge on compromise! lol! He won't hear of painting the kitchen cabinets, however, when we redo our bathroom, he says we can paint those in there! I love yours! Everything just looks wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration on the open cupboards too. I was thinking of removing the cabinets above my old stove and I was wondering what to put in them that would look really prim or farmhouse style and I love the contents of yours!

    Wonderful kitchen redo! You should pat yourselves on the back! Thanks for sharing!

    Oh, and I'm hoping just maybe I'll be lucky enough that you pull my name out! :)

    Have a blessed Easter!

  23. I am in love with your kitchen redo! It looks absolutely awesome Beth!!! Love the black ticking curtains too!
    The cupboards without the doors is really something else, plus you have it decorated so cool.
    The difference is amazing!
    Have a great Easter!

  24. Beth, your kitchen turned out SO GREAT!!!! I LOVE the cabinet color, and how everything is placed. It just looks perfect:) I can't wait to see the rest of the house...I know I won't be disappointed! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!

  25. That is such an awesome Idea to do about the window treatments! I am going to have to remember that! I love the cute bunnies on the scales they are so cute! Your Kitchen has just turned out so amazing you really should be very proud! You go Girl!
    Have a Great Holiday Weekend!

  26. I am in love with this look--from the ticking curtain to the open cupboards to the prim bunnies and bowls........great job!

  27. Love, Love , Love the kitchen!!!!

  28. Your kitchen is beautiful! I love it. It looks like it should be in a magazine! Perfect!!!


  29. Love the red in the kitchen!! It all came together so well. Did you use butcher block for the counters?

  30. Beth...LOVE the new look! Very comfy and cozy looking! Just wanted to tell you...when my family first came over here in 1950 from Poland, they lived in LaGrange and worked for a farm family. They eventually moved to Plymouth (where I was born and grew up) but we would drive to Kinston many a Sunday afternoon to visit a couple of other Polish families there. My brother recently went back and found the farm they lived on back in LaGrange those many years ago. What memories...! ~~Annie

  31. All I can say is... WOW! What a transformation! Beeeeutiful! I love RED - and you have soooo many lovely things! I'm glad I found you tonight!


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