Monday, January 5, 2009

Change is Coming!

Yes it is!
it is that time of year...for resolutions...promises to do better! I know cause every year like Lot's of you I say I gonna loose some weight...start working out and so on! Last year I joined the local Curves....working out 3 times a week, loosing pounds,loosing inches....doing everything right....they went OUT OF BUSINESS! I said I will work at home ....yea right!
I have gone to Weight Watchers and lost weight a couple of times last week I decided to go back. I start on Tuesday.
The weighing in...the accountability works for me.
I got this stuff in the mail on Saturday so I am taking that as a sign that I am moving in the right direction.

(I saw this on someones blog and I had to steal it!)

I used to loose weight to look at is about FEELING better. Loosing this weight will do wonders for my back and my blood presures been a little high lately so I need to do something!
I am gonna take this accountability thing one step further....see tomorrow when I go to weight are going with me. That's right I will take a picture of me on the scale...and the big number! Every Tuesday...we will watch that number go down together. You see it doesn't matter what we have tried only matter's that we are willing to try again! So can I count on you to cheer me on?
I will set my goals tomorow....this time I am gonna make it all the way to the finsh line!


  1. I will be there with you!
    I haven't weighed myself yet I will wait until tomorrow and join you!
    Contact me anytime you feel the need to eat something that is not good for you...I will help you throught this!

  2. I just love that cartoon, too funny! I am wishing you luck and joining you also just remember you can do anything you put your mind to.


  3. You go girl!! Wishing you the best!! I have started getting on the treadmill again myself. It feels good to do something GOOD for me!! have a blessed day. Julie

  4. Woo hoo! I feel a change in the air for so many gals this year...

    I have a few ideas for my new blog, just have to organize myself and get things up and running.

    Many blessings and hugs are being sent your way... WE can do this!!

    (HA! The word verification even says... turbina!)

  5. Good Luck! I'll cheer you on! I know what you mean, it used to be about fitting into that pair of jeans and at 50 it is about just feeling good. My husband is right there with me and that makes it so much easier, I fix a healthy breakfast and he fixes the healthy supper, he is such a good cook! Subway for lunch, the healthy ones only. five days and I already feel sweets either.


  6. for you,It is all about feeling better and if we look better too well that's a bonus!

  7. Whoo Hoo! You Go GIRL!! I'm there with ya! I'm a cheering ya on!!! Have a blessed day!

  8. You go girl! I hope you reach your goal and then some! Good luck! ~Beth~

  9. I start Weight Watchers with my mom tonight @5:00. I hope to loose 45 lbs. before my 45th birthday in May. I need to loose more but that will by my goal for now! It's so hard. I've lost with wieght watchers before, then adopted our daughter and its 14 yrs. later. We can do this! Dawn

  10. I'll be cheering you on for sure!!

  11. I'll be cheering you as I am starting my new way of life.....that's what it is because if I don't change my eating habits and will only come back once it's lost....I KNOW!!! Good luck...we'll all exchange recipes and tips.

  12. I love the cartoon too:) I hope that never happens to me though.LOL
    I'm so glad everyone is blogging about this...that way we can all be there for each other:)

  13. Hi.
    I restarted WW om 1/1 I use as a great place for recipes and support. I have used DWLZ for years and found it the best place for recipes. Need any??
    angel2cook at aol dot com

  14. I'm cheering for ya too!
    I know you can do it!

    YOU WILL DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. I'm so happy you are doing weight watchers - it's the best program out there...not dieting, just a better way of eating and it's something I should be getting back into as well.

  16. Hi Beth,
    I've been working on losing weight since Sept. I lost 90 lbs about 10 years ago and have regained it back. But I'm happy to say that I have lost 11 lbs so far. I'm turning 50 this year and I want to be a healthier me and just feel better... ya know,so I'm not going over the hill and down it too fast. lol...
    Like I told Janene earlier today...I would love to encourage each other as we go through this weight lost journey. I wish you the best and I know that we all can do this!!

  17. Beth you are a daring woman..but I am with you..I need so need to get up off of my butt and get more yes, feel better...for the reasons you mentioned a new puppy so when he can keep up..he will be my new walking buddy...can't wait for more excuses..which is why I think he was there on saturday and we weren't looking..:) good luck tomorrow..and in the future...I am hoping all this dieting by all you good people will really help motivate me too...we all need to work together and support one another....:)

  18. Good Luck Beth. Whoohoo, you can do it. Im counting points here too. My time has come to stop all my foolish eating habits and get back into my skinny clothes.

  19. It appears that this dieting thing is spreading like wild fire in blog land. Good luck to you, I am going to start a mr linky on my blog every Tuesday for all the dieters to share stories and tasty new diet recipes.

  20. Good for you, Beth!

    Pssttt....will ya lose a couple of dozen pounds for me too? LOL

  21. I'll be sure to cheer you on. I too am doing WW - I get weighed on Saturdays. We'll lose together. Walk 30 minutes a day - it'll help. Sometimes I just walk around the house during commercials. Yea for you getting healthy.

  22. i am with ya!! i ate my last cookie over the weekend!! i want to feel better! i want to wake up in the morning not thinking about my weight!

  23. Good for you! Weight Watchers is one of the best programs (in my humble opinion) out there!

    We will be right here with you cheering you on!


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