Monday, July 7, 2008


I have big plans for this week. I have got to get started on some fall things. I have two big shows already scheduled. The girls at Primmart have inspired me so I am gonna get started on some pumpkins and stuff by the end of the week. And I have some new stencils for signs...First I have to finish up these babies.
My daughter said "mama you can see there guts." LOL They ate my flag scraps!
But it won't matter. I made these with skinny arms and legs, they are gonna be really primitive!

Here's what I do when painting large things (or a lot of anything). I wash out an old spray bottle, squirt some paint in (I am not a measuer)put in some coffee (I always have some leftover in the pot) a little warm water if you need it, and I like to put in a little fragrance oil to. Do not add any cinnamon, that will clog your hole! And that's not good!
Lay your dolls or whatever on and old box or something. Spray em' down good, let them bake in the sun, turn em' and spray them again! This is alot less messy for me.
I am gonna do the same thing with my pumpkins (when I get them made and orange of course).
While I was outside this morning I had to take a picture of my hibiscus. So pretty...and I had to slap some Japanese beetles off.

Here is my Feedsack Raggedy I made on Saturday. She is OOAK, her dress is from old feedsack. It is a wonderful print. She is gonna head over to my Etsy shop.
I gotta get busy if I am gonna get anything accomplished, sometimes I wish I had a, it would probably be EVIL clone and work against I'll just get busy!


  1. Don't get me started on the Japanese beetles. They are eating my Sassafras trees. GRRRRR....

    Thanks for the painting tip. I've coffee stained like that, but not painted. Can't wait to see your pumpkins.

    What a cute little Annie you made!


  2. she is a sweety pie! I love feedsacks.


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