Friday, June 20, 2008


Well,well I am feeling pretty good about myself right now.
Earlier this week I was accepted to be a member of Old Farmhouse Gathering. This is a wonderful group of very talented artist at Etsy. I am just tickled pink to be part of this team!
Oh and if that was not enough to make my heart go pitter- patter, a friend from Primmart wants some of my babies to sell in her store. What a honor!
Then this morning I got tagged by Kim at
so....... How do you like me now?
Let me see.....5 things I do for myself
*First thing in the morning I like to get my coffee and my laptop,check my email,primmart,OFG and browse around the net...blogs,pattern sites etc. It is my special time (Do Not Mess With Me or you will mess up my whole day)
*This seems to be a popular one with all of us! I get my hair colored and highlighted about every 5-6 weeks or when ever thet devilish grey pops out!
*Read my Country Sampler and Mercantile Gatherings
*I go to thrift stores,yard sales and Goodwill(I love to find a Goodie!)
*Just being in my shop...alone sewing or with customers, I love my store and it is a dream come true.
5 things I do for friends, my children or my partner
* My husband goes to work very early, so every night I set the coffee pot so when he gets up his coffee is ready.
* I rub my husbands head, he loves this...just running my fingers through his hair. His mother started it when he was a little boy.
* I take my daughter to school (I hated the bus when I was in school),dance and I let her kiss me and tell me goodnight 10 times before she goes to bed!
* I give my son gas money when his is gone, I don't fuss when he "cleans" his room and brings down a mountain of dirty laundry! Ok, that is a lie... I fuss!
*My friends come to my shop and "vent", it is an escape for them, and I am glad that they feel better when that leave, and if buying something from me makes them feel better, I am happy to help!
5 things I have done for strangers
* Driving, If someone lets me out I give the little thank-you wave. Jeff Foxworthy said if you don't get that little wave you should be able to "put em' in the wall" like nascar. I agree!
*Helping a older person with bags or when they can't find something in the store.
*Moving my car away from the gas pumps before going in the store to "shop" I Hate it when I have to wait to get my gas cause Johnny Redneck is getting cigs,beer, and 10 different kinds of lottery tickets before I can even get to the gas
*I use my signals in my truck, so others know my next move.
8I say please and thank you.
5 Hobbies I enjoy
Oh my, now I tag 5 others to do the same thing I just did (if they want too) I am new to blogging so let me see if I can find some who haven't been tagged already!

Ok, I did it!

Here is some things I have made this week. I am still doing summer and Americana....most of my prim crafter friends are working on there fall stuff, What can I say...I am a cows tail!
Oh hey, I got Monkey Farts too! Go to my website and check it out! It is not what you think!


  1. Hi Beth!!!! Cute stuff you got there. Thanks for adding me to your Blog roll and I returned the favor as I will be back.


  2. I thank you for the tag...but for me time doesn't allow me to play along. So sorry.

    Love your blog. See you over at OFG. Have a great day! Ü

  3. Some nice stuff you made, great work!

  4. I have Played along!! See my Blog for Answers. Thanks!
    I love yoru Americana too!


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