Saturday, June 14, 2008

Meet Hattie Brown

This is My Big Girl I have been working on.
Now Let me tell you ....Hattie has been in the kitchen all morning, she has been frying chicken, cooked up a big mess of collard greens and homemade biscuits. You see all her kin folk were home today...and
Hattie is tired, and her feets hurt!
She decided to sit in the Garden and enjoy and nice slice of cold watermelon.

And then she had another slice in the swing.....goood watermelon!

Hattie did not want you to see this one.....she was the nude!
Please don't tell her!

Well Hattie is already asleep over in the shop, she has had a big day....and I am pretty give out too!


  1. I love her! Love her watermellon slice too...just too cute!

  2. She sure is a cutie . She's a bit on the naughty side . Bet she would have a fit if she knew we all saw her in her birthday suit !
    Love it !

  3. I love the song wonderful world !

  4. i love the sunbather!! lol
    she is great!!
    p.s. you have been tagged. come over to my blog and see!


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