Thursday, February 19, 2009

Make Me Prim ....MAKEOVER!!!

Someone commented on one of old I went back to look at it. I used to do alot of stuff...I have been so busy with everything else lately, I have not had much to offer. Well let me give you a little something today.....
This is a fixture I paid 2$ for at a Church yard sale a few years ago (I have had it stashed away and now I need it for my "new" House)
After I cleaned it up
I removed the plastic covers on the candles and put them to the side.....
I spray painted it with a flat black Walmart paint
Notice that I allow a little of theblack paint to get on the "wood" center.
Then I painted the center with a mustard color ( if some of these pics are because I took them with one hand while I worked with the other)

Next get your plastic covers and we are gonna grubbie them....and you can use your favorite way ( the same way you grubbie your tappers)I had some left over candlewax so I am using that today. I melted my wax over very low heat in and old cake pan....just dip it.. roll it..rub it.. what ever turns you on! Then rub on some spices...

I like the drippy get that by letting the wax cool a little and then spoon it on
yea, that's what I like!
Slide your cover on and the little wax bogger will slide on the top from the wax inside...take it out. Let them sit on long enough to harden then sit them aside again.Lilightly sand the middle...
Hey why did't someone tell me you could unscrew that ....makes it a lot easier

Use your favorite aging substance, I am using early american stain.....blot and rub to your liking.
Put it all back together

and you have the almost finished product...still needs to be hung. That will be Joey's job, I am not allowed to play with electricty! It really looks better than the picture shows...maybe it is the countertop it is sitting on. In an ideal world where time and money were not an issue...everything would be changed before we move in!
But you know..I think I make better choices after I live with it a it will all work out. I will show you another pic when it is hung.

Another way to do your candles is paint them with modpodge and roll in spices or use your glue gun to drip glue around the top and let it run down the sides....then paint to your liking (I like crackle on these) Here is another one I was brass...

These last one is a single plastic Christmas candle or was!
Hey Deb, you left me a comment on the tobacco stick post....but I don't know how to get back to you to answer your me
I have something to show you!!!
I am getting ready to take a truck load of my belonging to the new house.....only 9 days to go...OMG I have a lot more to do!!!!!!


  1. I am so in love with you right now!
    Words cannot express how great I think that chandelier turned out!
    I love you because you took a hideous light fixture and made it into something simply fantastic!
    What a wonderful redo!
    I love posts like this!

  2. Ha J!

    I agree, this chandelier looks so awesome now! AND a fantastic tutorial for us all:)

  3. oh, how cute! you are one talented lady for sure. I have a brass chandelier that has the lights pointing downward with a globe, any suggestions? I'm putting you on my "awesome blog" list I WANT A "MAKE ME PRIM...MAKEOVER TOO!
    Linda @ kindlelight blessings

  4. Oh how beautiful....I've seen other girls do these things but I have been so afraid to dos this!
    Our ceiling fan in the family room could use some priming but don't know where I would stop when it gets to the motor....

  5. You did a FANTASTIC job with this chandelier. What a difference!! I LOVE it!! Thanks for showing us what could be done and just how you did it. Can't wait to see pictures of your new home redo!!

  6. Thank you soooooo much for sharing this tutorial I am now on the lookout for a chandelier and I love the way you grunged the candles...perfect!

  7. love love the new chandlier..I am going downstairs to see if mine is like that and then fix it...thanks for the tutorial...can't wait to see it hung up and you all moved in...again why are you moving?

  8. Wow! This chandelier turned out fantastic! I love it:) And I know it will look wonderful in your new house. Hope the move is going well so far!

  9. I really like both of your chandeliers. Great job! & fantastic find & price1

  10. Beth,
    Love, love, love your chandelier!! I've been wanting one for above my dining table and feel like I shouldn't get one right now because of how much they cost...but after seeing how you worked magic on an old one, I know now that I'm keeping my eyes open and looking for one that I can redo.

  11. YAY for you! That is a wonderful trash to treasure project! I can't believe you have time to do stuff like this when you're moving in just a few days! LOL

  12. That is the best makeover I have ever seen! What a great $2 investment huh? I am on the hunt for one now!

  13. Beth,

    That is the most awesome makeover, Beth! I love that chandelier!


  14. What a neat prim chandy! Great job! I love the other one too! And also the candle!

    Have a great weekend!


  16. Wow! I love the transfermation of that chandelier. I have seen those before and well they were in a bad state, just like your before pic. If I see one again I am not going to pass it up! I love what you did to the Christmas candle. I got a ton for cheap on sale after Christmas, and didn't know what I was going to do with them! Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. That is so awesome Beth! I am so excited for you about your new house. I can't wait to see how you prim it up.

  18. Love the chandelier!! I'll have to keep my eyes open to find one.

  19. I loved this post - what a great "how-to". Thanks so much for sharing. So happy your weight loss is going so well!! Many blessings, Cathy

  20. I am so glad to see this tutorial, thank you so much for sharing! I just have to find a light fixture like that, I never get lucky with that sorta stuff. If you happen to find one at a yard sale or flea market let me know. I will pay you for it and the shipping of course. I would appreciate it. Just message me if you want to talk.

  21. Beautiful job! I love the "prim candles" look (especially that of the formerly Christmas candle). Keep up the fantastic work!

  22. Oh, I love both of the chandeliers. And yes, it would be great if us Carolina girls could get together.

  23. These are so great! I've added the idea to my list of things I want to try ~ since I've been blogging that list has sure grown. Thanks so much for sharing.

    I really enjoy visiting your blog and by the way ~ good luck with your move!

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