Sunday, February 8, 2009

Goodies, Surprises,Changes...oh my!

I hardly know where to even much is going on in my life! And it is All Good!
First of all I won a prize in the Great Christmas Giveaway at Angelina's Trinkets...lookie at this
The picture does not begin to do the set is beautiful.....Thank you so much!
I am in a Valentine swap and have been receiving cards and notes from my secret admirer (i had some explaining to my husband). I got this in the mail, ain't' it so purdee?
Now....I knew when this year began that change was in the air! We got a wonderful new President, I wanted to change my weight,my health... and I am!!! But I had no idea!!!! Have you ever had something big happen in your life, that you knew...that you could feel God's hand all around it? That you have no doubts at is a rare and wonderful feeling! For the past 5 years we have been renting this old farmhouse we live in now. We loved the look of it, all the land and the fact that the rent was so reasonable. We hoped that we might buy it, if he ever wanted to sell it. I am glad we didn't....because we have learned that we do not want this much yard to take care of and while old farmhouses are charming in many ways...cold air coming in every crack is not so charming. We have learned that in a big way lately because this winter has been soooooo cold (for NC standards).
We had just started to look around some when we came across a sweet deal......we closed on our house last Wednesday. It is smaller but very well built and it needs curve appeal ( but we can do that), so needless to say I have been very busy. We are gonna be moved in by the first of March! Just this week I have cleaned carpet, power washed windows and packed and moved boxes. We are having a big yard sale next Saturday so we are preparing for that also...but I am so happy! Yes this does meaning the closing of my little shop.....and that is bittersweet...but I know I can do it again if I want to...but right now I just want to focus on my house and my family. I will still have my online business of course and I have some great local customers that would buy from me if I sold stuff from the truck of my car!
I will have lots of before and afters to show you in the coming months...I will give you a little teaser of my house and one of the first projects I want to tackle.
My Kitchen....Love the black hardware on the cabinets, hate the 80's blue. I am thinking a distressed barn red. the counter tops are white with gold flecks....I really want to put in solid wood counter tops. You really can't hurt it and I have seen lots of folks use it.
And I am bringing my white farmhouse sink with me! The ceiling fan will be replaced with a nice primitive fixture I have.
I gotta get busy so much to do...if you did not know it GOD IS GOOD....ALL THE TIME!!!Free Signature Generator

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  1. Wow what a wonderful life you are having!!! And the kitchen is sooooo big.. i love that. And all the cabnets. Can wait to see them when they are done. Dont like all that blue either....LOL

    Praise God!!

    Hugs Pam

  2. Oh, how wonderful that you found a house. I love the big kitchen and will be looking forward to seeing it all redone. Have fun with it.

  3. Wow, so much going on Beth! I'm jealous... I love moving and am trying to convince my hubby that it's time to finish up our renos and get ready to start over! That's quite the 80s country blue... have fun!
    Hugs, Kimberly

  4. Wow, so much going on Beth! I'm jealous... I love moving and am trying to convince my hubby that it's time to finish up our renos and get ready to start over! That's quite the 80s country blue... have fun!
    Hugs, Kimberly

  5. Glad that everything is working out and our response to your saying in our church is All the Time, God is Good.

    Can't wait to see the kitchen. Walmart has a paint called REd Fox that we used on my daughter's cabinets. I love it


  6. I am so excited and thrilled for you, Beth! What fabulous news, and what a great thing to look forward to! I would so get rid of that blue cabinet thing the old owner had going! LOL. Like maybe first thing (after unpacking the boxes!)!! You will be in a new prim heaven, and I wish you all the best!~Terry

  7. What wonderful news. Hate that you will have to close the shop, but hey things like a new home only come around once. I hope you will enjoy everything about it.

    Lots of cabnets there girlie, you will be a busy woman. But well worth it right?

    Cant wait to see all the before and after shots. Best wishes with your new home.

  8. Yes, that's alot of I think the barn red will just look so are going to have a ball decorating so don't forget us in blogland we want to see everything that you do:) So happy for you:)

  9. You have beenblessed. Change is GOOD. and You have some wonderful Ideas. Good Luck & have fun!

  10. Congratulations on the new house! I'll be looking forward to your redos!


  11. I am so happy for you! And those cabinets are amazing. Oh what I would do with all that rom. Oh the thrifting I could indulge in! I know you will make it just perfect.

    You're right, God is good all the time!


  12. Yes, everything works in good time and it's your time.
    How wonderful. Can't wait to see all the keep posting!

  13. Oh lucky you!
    I am so happy for you for the purchase of your house. It sure looks like alot of cupboards. Something that you always need. I am really liking the color you chose. I think it will look so great with the black hardware and love the idea of a wood counter top. I can't wait to see the kitchen all re-done. You will have to keep us posted :)


  14. Congrats on the new house. Your new kitchen looks really big with lots of cabinets. I think that painting them red will make them look very prim. Can't wait to see photos of how you decorate your new home.

  15. I know what you mean about the cracks letting the cold air in! There is always a draft and we can't never seem to find out where it is coming from!
    I am so glad you have found your new place and love it so!
    Cant wait to see all of your changes!
    Keep us updated!

  16. Hi Beth!
    CONGRATS on ALL your "Good & Happy Happenings"!!!!
    Can't wait to see all your changes-oh, what fun you'll have!!


  17. Hi Beth, God is good all of the time!
    I think that the red you are thinking of doing on your cabinets will look awesome! I can't wait to see the pictures. I want a farm sink so much! Maybe one day! Oh and the counter tops look neat too! I would love to see a picture of them too whenever you put them in. What fun! Happy selling, packing, cleaning, and decorating! God bless, Jamie

  18. Congratulations on the new house! I can't wait to see more pictures...I know you will make it beautiful:) I'm so happy that everything in your life is going certainly is nice when things are going your way huh? I hope things continue to be so great..and good luck with the move!

  19. Wow, Love the size of the kitchen, will be watching to see what changes you make. Have fun,,,don't work toooo hard,
    Hugs, Deb

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