Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Take it Off Tuesday!

I forgot to take my camera today, so I did not get a picture of the scale. This is a picture of my booklet where the WW lady records my weight. I have a loss of 1 pound 6 oz. At WW you get rewarded with stars that you put on your star catcher book mark.
Here is mine, the little star is for my first 5 pound loss. Today I got my 5% loss star(8 pounds).
I will be so glad when I get below 150!!!

We are having a Spring like day today so I pulled out a pair of khaki Capri pants, that fit well at end of the summer last year(size 10) today they are big. So I am getting there. And be sure to check all the losers over at Primitive Lifestyle, everybody is doing great and nobody is giving up!
I think the secret to loosing weight is changing habits, without feeling deprived. You have to keep some safe foods on hand for when you need a little something something....
I just had the pineapple upside downcake yogurt....yummy! They are all 2 points each.
I gotta get busy...pulling out stuff for our yard sale on Saturday!
Ya'll be good!

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  1. Beth,
    Good for you on your steady loss. You are right, you need a little treat on hand that's good for you.

  2. Beth that is absolutely fantastic!!!
    Yahoo about the loose fitting capris...You'll be in a bikini by summer! Don't you think?
    I will chart your progress and post your loss tomorrow.
    I am so proud of you...Here is a big hug for you ()!

  3. Way to go Beth!!! Congrats on the capri's! Springtime = Shopping

  4. Congratulations on your weight loss..keep up the good work. And I'm looking forward to seeing the pics of your new house.

  5. Hi Beth,
    Congrats on your weight loss this week. I gain a half pound. I've been sick with a nasty chest cold and didn't get to work out this week. That's ok...it's a new week now.
    Hope you have a great turn-out for your garage sale.

  6. Congrats on the weight loss! You are doing great!

  7. Beth, I am SO proud of you! If I could get back into my size 10's, I'd be a happy happy girl! LOL

  8. Way to go Beth! I'm so proud of you.

    I always have some great sweet treats handy and the points don't add up hardly at all.


  9. KUDOS! How exciting to be able to have a loss and then to be able to put on your pants from last year and have them fit big. What a great feeling that must be and motivating too! :)

    I also want to say thank you for stopping over at my blog and leaving me a comment. It is such a blessing when other bloggers take the time to read mine and then leave me a comment.

    Your blog is beautiful and just had to become one of your followers! I will look forward to following it and getting some great ideas! You are a very talented lady and have some very primfect things!

    Perfect prims and blessings,

  10. WTG-girl!!! You're doin so good!
    I'll bet it just made your day when ya discovered your britches were too BIG!! :)

    Keep up the GREAT work!!


  11. Good for you! Nothing feels better than visible progress when you're working towards a goal.
    Thanks again for stopping by and signing up for our giveaway -- feel free to come by and see us anytime!

  12. Good for you! I just started Weight Watchers three weeks ago and so far it is working GREAT! I love the program and the accountablity of getting weighed in. Keep it up and good luck on the move!



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