Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hello, Hello!

I really didn't mean to stay away so long...I had another battle with the never ending "sickness"! Turned out to be bronchitis this time. But I am all better now and busy as a bee!
Let me show you some updated pictures of our evolving back yard. Now remember just a few months ago there was nothing but dirt back here! Our barn with recycled fact the one with glass, my Mama got off the street!
Yes, that is Jesus in my little pumpkin patch! He is Risen.....see, he has been on his back since the move. Last weekend we got him up and around here....he weighs a ton!

Here is a sign I made for the barn....

Now, a while back I showed you a picture of a water bed on Cindees Garden Blog.....and I told you I would have one like it .....TA DAA!

I am very happy with it.
Thanks for the inspiration Cindee!

Check out my Market Umbrella I got for half price at the Grocery Store.....25$. You never know where you might find a deal!
We still have a lot more to do .....but sometimes we just have to sit back and look at how far we have come.

Before I took my blog break (LOL!) I won this sweet little sewing pouch from ThreadheadsUnite
Thank You so much ....I love it!

Speaking of giveaways....I am working on another one for you honor of my Birthday October 1st!
Oh yes, I also have been doing a little hooking...Ok pros don't look to close....I am teaching myself!
I am decorating for Fall, so I will be back with more pics.


  1. Welcome back! I can't wait to see more! Love the little sewing patch and how the building turned out.

  2. We have missed you. Love the pictures and that umbrella that's a great deal!


  3. Oh it was worth the wait!! So glad you ar eback. LOVE the water bed!!!!

  4. Your yard looks wonderful!I love the water bed, what a neat idea, and of course Jesus guarding the pumpkins is adorable:)Glad your feeling better:)

  5. Oh there you are---and love your waterbed. Cindee has some of the best ideas and I visit her blog often too. Let's see your Autumn stuff.

  6. Love that bed fountain, and your yard is really coming together.
    Mine is just a yard, someday I will do something with it, guess I need to show my husband photos of all the fun things you all do.


  7. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!
    You did a wonderful job on your waterbed!!!!! You will have many years of enjoyment I'm sure!!!!!!!!

  8. Glad your feeling better!
    Love the waterbed and the umbrella was a steal and your right you never know when a bargain will show up!
    Have a great evening!

  9. Fantastic landscaping job! Love the "water bed" and the beautiful barn sign!

  10. Glad to see that you are feeling better! I love JESUS out among the pumpkins! Great landscaping jobs!

  11. Hello. I am glad you felt up to blogging again. Your yard is looking so cute. I had never seen the flower "bed" and pond before. What a darling idea. Thanks for letting us peek in. Blessings to you.

  12. Well Beth I was beginning to miss you and wondering if you were ever coming back..glad to hear you are feeling your yard and that pond...hey are you doing any machine embroidery lately?..have a wonderful week..:)

  13. How sweet your blog is! Thanks for the follow and now I am doing the same for you ~ enjoy the read! I will keep in touch! ~~Bobbie

  14. Just dropped by to say thanks for visiting me and becoming a follower!
    Glad you're better now. :-)

  15. Hi Beth!
    Glad your feeling better....
    What a neat water garden!
    Love your sign too.

    Have a happy weekend.

  16. love your waterbed, i have heard of a flower bed, but that is to clever, thank you so much for coming by and entering, good luck

  17. Thanks for coming by and signing onto
    my blog, glad you did! I have been
    reading your blog for quite awhile,
    I like the house you bought and how you
    have been making it over...Great job!
    I signed on yours awhile back..I just love blogging, trouble is, I don't paint when I read! Welcome and please come back, often...

    Bear Hugs~Karen


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