Friday, March 6, 2009

HONEY......I'm Home!

Yes we are in our new is about it! I don't care how organized you try to be when you move, it always ends up the same way....a bunch of boxes and you can't find a thing! And what a wonderful weekend it was to be moving...cold,windy and very,very rainy! It was not pleasant!
I did not go to WW this week, Joey was off so we got some things done around here. I was gonna weight on my scale...if I knew where it was!!! My mother make me eat some of her homemade lasagna on Saturday....but she assured me that I had done plenty to work it off. Mother knows best...right! And being a loser has never paid so well...

I also got some wonderful soap from Sugarbush Primitives.....thank you are too sweet!

Oh the picture is of my beautiful holly tree, we have two of them. At Christmas time I am always looking for red berries....well now I have my on stash!
I am getting ready to start painting....
Yes .....the blue kitchen is where I am starting. The shelf liner was soooo stuck I had to put very hot water on it to get it to come off.... I am sure it had been there 40 years (since the house was built!) And look, I started peeling off the lovely counter top and back splash and was happy to find paneling on the back splash. It will look great after I paint it. And remember I told you I wanted wood counter top....well there is heavy plywood under this white and gold....and I am thinking I can make it work. My husband was happy to hear that...but I'll see how it looks.

These are the colors I am using Stony Creek is what I picked for the paneled den walls that is right off my kitchen and I will use it for the back splash.
Can you believe I had already picked this before I went to Lowes...and someone had returned two gallons of I got it for 10$! The Good Lord was making up for the bad weather during the move! LOL! I picked Royal red for my cabinets, it is a Biltmore Estate color and cost 30$ a I asked the paint guy to mix it using the less expensive paint at 14$ a gallon. And for trim work I am going with heavy cream. I just love paint color names!
The Internet service we had before is not available here, choices are limited in rural areas. We are trying sprint mobile broadband (just plugs into my laptop)we have 30 days to try it is pretty good....I can't go back to dial up!
If any one has emailed in the last week....sorry I did not get it! I forgot that would change too! You can get me at
Moving is so hard...but the change is wonderful! And Spring is on it's way .....and what a great time for a fresh start!!!


  1. The tree is beautiful! The bike ~ the perfect touch!

  2. How exciting but alot of work! Love the bike resting on the tree it looks so summery:)

    Can't wait to see your kitchen cabinets done:)

  3. Glad you got all moved in. I'm looking forward to seeing your "new" kitchen. Hope you have a good day!

  4. I wish you lots of happy times in your new home. x

  5. Beth so glad to hear you are already in your new home. Sorry you had a nasty weekend to move though. Cant wait to see all the changes that will take place. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  6. Love that photo! It looks so homey...the tree and bike! Welcome to your new home! I LOVE that red! In my opinion, you can never go wrong with red! Have fun transforming your new place!


  7. OH I can't wait to see your new home all decked out "Beth style"..I love the colors you have chosen as well..congrats on your loss to and all those winnings...have a great weekend..:)

  8. I am finding it difficult to type with this horseshoe up my cracker!
    Your color choices are prim perfect!
    How fun, yet very hard work it is to start something from scratch like that...Hurry up getting it done so that I can see!
    I am not too patient!
    Did you get ALL your winnings?

  9. very exciting things a happening!!
    Moving house is just a painful experience.
    We moved in August last year and it was the one week we got snow!!

    Enjoy settling in and remaking over everything.
    I am sure you will have it all loooking a million bucks in no time.
    And that first photo is a greatshot!

  10. Welcome to your new home! Now the fun begins of decorating it. Can't wait to see the kitchen all done.

  11. Glad to hear your in now! I hope that the unpacking goes smoothly...I know it can be very stressful! The tree is so pretty..I bet it will be beautiful in winter like you said. I love the bike propped there...very cute:) I can't wait to see more of things once you get all settled!

  12. Love that pic of the bike and tree!
    Glad you're all moved the FUN part begins...well, after the unpacking.
    I love your colors you picked, it will be so exciting watchin your kitchen come to life with all your special touches!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Congrats on being in your new Home! That has to feel really good. I love that Red Paint. That will make any cabinets beautiful!
    Have a great weekend!


  14. How lucky to have Holly (which is also where I live)! Great paint colors. Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope we get to know each other better. Dawn

  15. I love your new colors and the plan for wood countertops. We are considering that for our kitchen too...after hubby finishes the light project. Have a restful Sunday. Take care ~Natalie

  16. Hi and I'm so glad the move went well considering the crappy weather...but when one is determined to get it done it really doesn't matter...push forward.
    Sounds like you have had color ideas for quite some time...and you did get lucky with the red!!!!


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