Tuesday, May 4, 2010

SpRiNg FeVeR!!!!

Yes I have a bad case of it.....I have been digging, plantin',seedin',potting, pulling and loving every minute of it!
As you may recall we have been in this home for a year now and the yard was pretty much a blank slate. We have put up 68pieces of privacy fence, built a barn and have started improving the one flower bed and making new ones.

I could work in the yard everyday as long as the weather is nice and IF I had an endless supply of money to buy plants!

This is just a peek at what I have done and now I need a truckload of mulch!

Now, I know what you are thinking.........last time we talked we were inside the house......tearing out walls and such...well ...... here is some progress
We can now eat at the table! Check out my chairs I got for 10$ each

I just gave a little paint, sanding and stain!

Here are a few more redos....

We still have to wrap the beam and the 4 x 4 column in the middle of the room ( my son calls it a primitive stripper pole!) but we had to put the inside stuff on hold.....to get some of the outside things done before it gets to hot. Now that we have finished the fence our dogs can run freely, so we wanted to get that done and most important
we are putting up the pool that we packed up and brought from the other house! We have it up and with the new liner it looks great. Now we have to add the deck that we also moved from the other house.....so when those really hot days get here we will have a place to chill!


  1. Wow I love all that you have done! And what beautiful chairs for $10 a piece! Your fireplace is awesome! :)

  2. Everything looks so nice, you do a beautiful job on decorating, in and out. Love how your chairs came out, really nice look and so much better than the over priced new ones.


  3. I love to plant in old things also, and your chairs for $10.00 what a buy! Enjoy each day in your yard!

  4. WOWOWOWOW!! Love seeing all the wonderful yard decor and the changes inside too. YOu have worked very hard and it shows!!

  5. Everything looks great inside & out! Glad to see someone else has spring fever as bad as I do! :)

  6. Things are looking great!! Love those bargain chairs.. what a fabulous find :D

  7. Hi Beth,
    So very glad to see you post! My you have been busy:) Love, love your chairs what a bargain that was...they look great at your table and the fireplace is fantastic as are your makeovers:) Your drysink is just like mine:)

    I bought flowers Saturday and it was so much fun picking them our, have a great day!


  8. Awesome pictures, love your wood pieces, especially the chairs. What a great bargain. Love them.

  9. Love..Love..Love all of the unique ways you planted your flowers..Also your home is very warm and inviting..Can't wait to see more..Have a great week..

  10. I AM so anxious for the nice weather to stay so I also can get outside and get it all decorated for the Summer season...

    As for the inside of the house, it's looking awesome! Can't wait to see more :)

  11. I love your outdoor displays! How cool that you live so close, I hope we get a chance to meet one day soon.
    Kimberly: )

  12. What fun working with a NEW place...and I love all the little outside touches.
    Is that green metal tin an old picnic basket???
    I love it how you have planted it.
    Enjoy your outdoor space! Lots of property to have fun in.

  13. Glad to have you back! I'm right there with you out in the yard. As soon as the weather is unbearable hot, I'm right back in the air conditioning working on some crafts and quilting and indoor remodeling.

  14. Ooooooooooh-LOVE this post, girl!!!!!!!!!! You have been BUSY! What wonderful pics, I just love eveything!!
    Good to 'see' ya on here ;)
    Have a happy day :)

  15. Where to begin? So many wonderful things you have been doing. Love the wall box on your front door. Did you make that? Your garden ideas are great and very unusual.
    Those chairs are so handsome.
    Plus a pool! You have been busy!

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