Thursday, August 28, 2008

Crazy Week

I am so glad to be home today!
The children went back to school, so just getting back into that routine is enough......but of course not all of it. I have had some back and neck issues for the past 2 years, but lately it has been alot worse. So Monday I went back to the Doctor, turns out I have some serious issues that are more than just getting older.
But I am not gonna whine about it right now...but I reserve the right to whine at a later date.
Tuesday I spent the day with my mother at her Doctor preparing for her surgery next week. Yesterday I had to run errands and restock at Walmart(we were out of everything)really I had to have 2 carts! Ladies do you realize how many times we move that stuff before we ever use it? Off the shelf, into the cart, from the cart ...onto the checkout counter...back in the cart....from the cart to the car...from the car to the house and then it all has to be put away! Talk about a pain in the Neck...I was feeling it last night...(I Know no whining)!
Anyway I did get a reward in my mailbox

Need I say more.....this is a wonderful magazine, really it is more than that it is a reference book! I have been a receiving it fro a year now and gets better and better. If you love primitive you must get it. Not only great pics and stories but always free patterns to! Mercantile Gatherings
Thank God for some much needed rain last night. This is the pond in my backyard after the rain...see how low it is.

And let me show you the flowers I got from the clearance rack at Lowes Yesterday
I will cut their little heads they will put on another show for Fall.
The yellow mum was 1$, the others are Coppelia Helen's Flower (perennial) 2$ each.

Kindra Is having a surprise giveaway in honor of her birthday. Go see!
Tammy is also having a great giveaway, 2 Prizes!

Now I must get busy.....I am already 3 days behind!


  1. OH that was great reward. Can't wait for the winter issue! My friend Kathy's beautiful Home on the Hill is going to be featured!

    I am so sorry about your neck and back issues and yes you may whine later! :-)

  2. Stop by and visit, I have an award for you!

  3. Beth,

    Thanks for remind me...I left my Mercantile Gatherings magazine out in my car! Mine came yesterday too and I took it with me intending to have a little time to sneak a peek, and forgot to bring it in! That will be a treat for me today!

    Love your flowers! And I hope your back and neck feel better!


  4. Beth, I was wondering when it was due to be in my mailbox, I even asked DH the other day... did I get a brown envelope in the mail? So glad I stopped by your blog this morning now I'm really excited to get it. Looks great!
    Hope you are feeling better!

  5. Sorry to hear of your neck issues. My back and neck bother me quite a bit, so I can understand what you are going through.
    I have never gotten Merchantile gatherings, but ti sure looks like an awesome publication. I will have to try them!

  6. Sorry you're not feeling well--and the grocery issue--never thought of that. NO wonder grocery shopping is not my favorite thing to do. I've been thinking of getting that magazine. I think you just pushed me over the edge. It looks wonderful. Feel better soon. Julie

  7. Hey there Sneaky butt,
    I just got my package today and you put in a little extra something for me...that was so thoughtful of you to do..(makes me feel guilty)..I love my treasures..go to my blog...Have a good one and thanks again...I am putting these out right now..cause I love em!

  8. go to page 58 of the magazine our group that I belong too is being spotlighted...take a photo and show it to me...have a good one..")

  9. Hi Beth, Thanks for stopping by my blog to visit me.
    All I can say is: DO NOT and I mean DO NOT go play with your friend's embroidery machine!! Cause if you do, YOU WILL GET HOOKED!!! LOL... It will get in your blood and become a passion! You will want to put embroidery on everything! I use to tell my girls that if they stood still long enough, that I might just put embroidery on them.(hee-hee)
    Don't you just love Mercantile Gatherings magazine. I've gotten it since the first issue and I agree that it just keeps getting better.
    Sorry to hear about your neck and back. Hope that it is nothing serious and you can get better soon. Take care.
    Hope to chat with you again soon.

  10. Hey there Beth,
    I am looking into another machine and if I get it, I may sell mine...would you be at all interested in it? you can email me at the email address that you already have if you are interested..also what kind of machine does your friend have..we need to get her hooked up..where did she get it? you can take free classes at Joanns when you get a new machine...take care..did you get your towels yet?

  11. Beth,
    when ya hurt you have a right to whine.
    Oh my gosh I know the trips to walmart... hauling and packing it all and then the road into the house. I did it yesterday too.
    I see you are making some of my Ding bats. How wonderful. Would love to see them when they are done.
    Have a wonderful day


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