Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crow Pie Anyone?

First, I found my camera! I actually lost sleep over it last night.
Now here's my pie, I really like it. It is from a Tennessee Ridge Pattern. I love how prim and skinny the crows are. It smells like...Fall, you know apple cider with cinnamon sticks, and caramel apples...yea, that is what a crow pie smells like!
I am gonna have to make some more of these(cause I am having one), this one is going over to my etsy!
Gotta go, I have apples that need stuffin'!


  1. Beth,

    I love your crows and pie! That's my favorite scent cider and cinnamon...for fall and Christmas! I also love a pumpkin scent! I love the pattern! Great job!


  2. I saw that pattern and almost bought it. I bought the witches hat instead.
    You did such a great job that you have convinced me to go back and buy that one too.

  3. I just love you are so talented

  4. I love prim and the smell must be wonderful;

  5. Love your crow pie i wish we could smell it i bet its great.We don't have the nice oils and candles like you do across there.I will add you to my favourites.Take Care~Kate~

  6. great pie!! i would love it even without the crows!!

  7. Wow, you are so talented! I love the pictures of your store! You are so lucky to have your store next to your house! Especially with gas prices like they are! I love the crow pie! I am adding you do my favorite blogs! Yours is one I will not miss!

  8. Love the crow pie. I have been searching for pie pans. I have a pattern for one too. I havent had much luck, but I keep lookin'.

    Everything looks great. I looove you store. I want one!!

    Have a great day.

  9. Hi there Beth,Thank you for stopping by my blog and the nice complements too. cane and looked through your blog and love it it is going in my favorites to look at everyday..I love your "Tony" kitten..he's adorable...we have 8 and love them all..he looks like our belated Mugs E a T...and I love your shop..I would be out there on those little yellow chairs just, I would be in there shopping...if it was mine, I would be in there fussin everyday...:)love decoratin...I love that white sifter with the blue colors on it...very neat. love those pumpkins the stem...Have a wonderful sunday.. and thanks for stoppin by...Gina :) Thanks for adding me to your favorites too..I have a girlfriend named Marybeth too...small world...:)


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