Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Before and, Well.....Still working on it

This was taken a few weeks before move in day on March 1St...
(noice the one set of shutters on the porch, it looked like a man with one eyebrow)

And this is how it looksthis morning......after paint,new door hardware,new light fixture, window boxes, landscaping and lots of DIY!
I still have more painting to do and the metal post will be replaced..... and as you can see we took out the overgrown shrubs...and made the beds bigger. I decided to use low growing eveergreens. Dwarf youpon hollys are lovely green now, but this fall leaves will turn burgundy-red. Dwarf gardenias are blooming now and smell so good, but will keep the glossy green leaves all year. I have not got my water feature going yet....I need a new half whiskey barrel, but I have not had any luck finding a new one.
Color will always be added in my window boxes, planters and other containers.
Mary-Kate planted dwarf lavender, english and lemon thyme around the steping stones.
I need more topsoil and mulch....and the list goes on! But we are getting there.
Look at our workshop/storage building Joey is building.He keeps telling me that he is no carpenter....but I have found that as long as I give him plenty of good lovin' and ice tea....he can do anything! He has made a little more progress since I took this pic on Sunday.
Oh, he said the sweetest thing to me..."I think I will have enough wood left over to build you a little potting shed"! That melted my heart!
I gotta get back to work, have a great day!


  1. Beth~You have worked wonders on the front of your new home! Such a great improvement!!!
    The colors you choose would be the ones that I would have chosen too!
    Very Very Nice!

  2. Beth, it looks so good. Wow! Love you decorations. It's amazing the differance you made in the looks of the front! Loving the old bike with the bucket! dawn

  3. I love it!! you have done a great job, it looks so warm and inviting!! Have a great day!~wendy

  4. WOW! you did a great job and that was really quick! It looks just great, very inviting!
    Well Done!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. OH WOW Beth, your home looks amazing !! You have done so much in such a short time!! Can't wait to see more!!

    hugs, Linda

    PS I WISH I HAD A PORCH like that!!

  6. Wow, what a difference. It looks great! I love the red door. The little path looks so lovely too.


  7. It almost looks like you have taken pictures of two different houses. I love what you have done. Your colors are perfect and I like the house better without the shutters on the porch window. Your landscaping just adds so much to the look and your yard accessories are perfect. How cute is that bike!! Hopefully you will have more pictures to share real soon.
    Have a glorious day.

  8. What a transformation...really looks great and love the colors you chose:)

  9. OOOOOOHHHHHHH Beth..I absolutley love what you have done with the front of the house!!! I love the colors you chose and now you have a proper walkway that once looked like stairs to no is awesome.I love the landscaping and have a gift are the bike with the enamel ware bucket for it!!! can't wait to see give me inspiration...:)

  10. You guys have done such a BEAUTIFUL job! WOW!
    I love all your plants and the porch is fabulous!

    Take Care,

  11. You got my vote! Your home is really taken on a new look. You are inspiring me to get moving on some of my own projects. Keep us posted on all your updating.

  12. wow, Beth! Ya'll have done a wonderful job on transforming the house! Your porch looks fabulous! I love the door and all the decor! It all looks so very welcoming and homey! I love it!


  13. Looks sooooooo good--what a makeover!! Your color choices are awesome!! Thanks for the eye candy. Julie

  14. Looks awesome ! Nice makeover, red is better color for your porch

  15. Beth, You home is beautiful...what a difference! Love your touches! Looking forward to seeing more pictures.

  16. I so Love the Red front door! It looks so inviting. The whole front porch. I love the path of bricks. You really took just a nice house and just made it beautiful.

    Thank You for sharing your beautiful house.

  17. LOVE IT, Beth!
    What a looks amazing!
    You've done an awesome job girl-lovin your colors!!!


  18. that look WONDERFUL!!!...great job on that curb appeal!

  19. It looks awesome Beth! 100% better!
    I love it that your sweet hubby is building a workshop for you. Mine did the same thing at our other house, and he had never built anything before. It turned out wonderful!
    You guys are really making your place a home!

  20. Everything looks just beautiful! Can't wait to see more pics. Have a great day, Dawn

  21. What a transformation! It looks great so cozy comfy and inviting. I absolutely love it all!


  22. Wow Beth...I just love everything you did to the front of your new home!! The porch is so cozy and inviting and I love the red door!! I had mine red for years, then painted it green and have been wanting it back red since last year. After seeing yours...I think I need to go get some red paint now. Everything looks wonderful!! Can't wait to see more.
    hugs, Cindy

  23. Beth - like everyone else said - what a difference!!! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  24. Beth, I think you needed the before and after shots to send to a magazine. Your porch looks great. Love the red door.
    Keep Stitchen'

  25. Looks like a brand new house. What a little paint can do. Nice bicycle too!

  26. Hey Beth,

    I didn't see your Etsy on the sidebar. I need more room spray! :) What scents do you have?

    Have a great evening!

  27. WOW! What a difference. It looks amazing. I love the color of your porch, and the red door. Looking forward to seeing it all complete.

  28.'d I miss this one on my blog roll? This redo should have been on HGTV's Curb Appeal. What a beautiful transformation! Love that red door against the gray.

    Thanks so much for your comments on my kitchen. Don't you just love a fresh coat of paint! ~~Annie

  29. Curb Appeal has nothing on you! I love it! Everything looks so nice.


  30. What a transformation, I had to keep going back and forth to the before and after to make sure it was the same house! Looks like you made some sweat equity and curb appeal in record looks just wonderful! Think I will go trim some bushes!!!!

  31. Wow! What a wonderful redo on your porch! The colors you chose are just perfect, and what a transformation. Thanks for visiting my blog too! Just found yours, and I really look forward to seeing more pics of your are doing an incredbiel job!


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