Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thrift Store Goodies

I have done pretty good about staying away from thrift stores and yard sales.....because I have so many, many projects here at the house.
But a prim girl can only hold out for so long! MAMA NEEDED A GOODIE!
So today I stopped by Habitat for Humanity Restore and got me a little fix. I nearly peed my pants when I saw these crocks...they were nested all inside each other with there wood lids on top....waiting for me!
Look at their pretty little bottoms ......stamped Robinson Ransbottom Roseville, Ohio
USA. They only have one draw back....someone painted on them. But I think I can get it off, if not I will just keep it turned around to the back. I paid $3.59 for the whole set.Then there was a little bag of little pillows and bears made from quilt pieces....25 cents!
This sadly painted game board, I could not leave it .....lookin' like that! And these napkins and...a 1995 Country Sampler's Decorating Ideas and a 1988 Better Homes and Gardens Christmas ideas...some things were dated, but a lot of it is just timeless!
And last there is this No I don't know what it is or what it was used for but made me think of this....

Yea, it reminded me of this picture I had seen on Primp Your Pad (don't spank me for stealing your picture!) I think I can make it work, we will see!

Let me brag for just a minute on my babies..../>
Mary-Kate turned 13 on June 4th, I took her and a couple of friends to the beach,we got rained out....but we did some shopping and stopped for chili-cheese fries (her Fave) they gave them all sundaes!
Last Saturday Joseph graduated from South Lenior High School
We all look a little was very warm!
He plans to become a High School teacher....he would love to teach "Theater"!
My Babies are growing up!


  1. We have a ReStore (Habitat for Humanity) here in our town too. Sometime they have better goodies than the thrift store! What great gooies you got! Jayne

  2. I am so drooling over your habitate finds!!!!!
    When I found my roseville crock with the painted amish, I did some research on them. They were painted like that from the factory. I scraped mine off with a putty knife....I like it much better.
    Do a search online and somewhere you will find a site with the value.
    I love how yours stack and the wooden lids...I think I peed my pants when I saw yours! LOL
    I think I need to start wearing "Depends" undergarments before reading most of these blog posts!
    You have a great looking family Beth!

  3. I have enjoyed visiting your blog. You have a lot of fun and interesting things on it. Your crocks were sure a wonderful find for you and I love the napkins too!
    I love the change to your front door area ~ the red door is great. That's what I'll be painting mine too!
    I'll be back to visit again.
    By the way ~ tthat's a very nice family picture!

  4. YOur finds were gret! Loving the crocks and could just die for the rack you found. I too loved that other picture of the plate rack. I can't wait to see it. I also like it when they add the wire to hold in the plates!

  5. Wow, such neat finds, wish we had a store like that around here! love the crocks and the napkins:) I can't wait to see the bowl rack when you are done! What a lovely family you have and yes, they grow up to fast:)

  6. Great findings. Crocks are so nice. I can't wait to see your bowl rack....

  7. Wonderful finds, especially those crocks! Just finding those would have made my day..:)

  8. Great finds! I have that same magazine too. LOL! It's a keeper. Can't wait to see what you do with that bowl/spoon keeper item.


  9. Hi, I am Shelley! I have been here before but it's been a while. I have enjoyed catching up on your blog. Your finds are wonderful. I love treasure hurting. It is one of my favorite past times. I think the picture on your header is very sweet. Stop by my blog for a visit,if you like....


  10. Wow - you did find some great things. I am betting you can remove the design too! What a steal those napkins were as well.

    Congrats to your son! Such a special occasion!!

    hugs, Linda

  11. I'm so glad that you got yer "Mama Goodies"! We all need those from time to time and what awesome ones you got!! Love, love, love every one.

    If there was only audio, you could hear me going "Ooooo", "Awww", "O Yes!" to each piece you bought!

    You kill me about almost "peed my pants"-I'm so like that too. I can get heart racin', palm sweatin' & want to run out to my car, scream "drive!!!!!" & make a quick get away-kinda like you robbed them blind!! He he! Love the thrill of the hunt! Congrats!!!

    Can't wait to see the gameboard make over-I'm trying to learn how to do these myself. Please post yours.

  12. Wow you found great treasures;not to hard to get the paint off of those crocks. I did that very same thing yesterday, with a plastic scrapper. It came off very easily. Those napkins are just beautiful!!!

  13. Happy Birthday! Your treasures are just the best! Thanks for sharing! Your children are lovely!

  14. Great finds! I know, it is hard to stay away from thrift stores, even when you have too much at home to still work on! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Wow! What wonderful finds! Don't you love it when you find things like this. I love those little pillows made out of quilt pieces!!! And then those crocks are the best thing going! I know what you mean about cooling it when it comes to thrift shopping but sometimes that need to go in is just tooooooo strong...and always find something you can't live without!
    Great post.

  16. You sure found some great goodies!! Can't wait to see what you do with them!


  17. I've never been in a Habitat for Humanity Store, but after seeing what you came home with, I'll definitely have to see if there's one anywhere around! You came home with some great stuff!

    Bragging is allowed on blogs...didn't you know...especially when it comes to your kids! :) You have a right to be proud! You all are a great lookin' family! :)

    Have a great Thursday, Beth!

  18. Great finds--I love a day like that at a thrift store. How fun to go to the beach for a birthday. Have a super day. Julie

  19. Holy Moly! great stuff! what a great find those napkins are too! Love those!
    You do have a beautiful family, that "little" YOU? You look awesome, girl!! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Thanks for stoppin by and visiting me.


  20. Oh you got some great goodies!!! I love the crocks and what a steal!!! Congratulations to your son!!! Have a wonderful weekend!~wendy

  21. WOW what great finds! I can't believe you got those napkins for a buck.I just luv looking thru older CS's.Congrats to your son.I have a son that graduated too.Doesn't time fly?Have a great evening,Sherri

  22. Love the crocks and the shelf. You found some good stuff.


  23. I thought the Habitat Restore was just building materials! I'll have to drive down and check out the one closest to use, which is still 25 minutes or so. It might be something to do with the kids this summer when there's nothing to do!

  24. What great finds! I am sure you will turn them into something wonderful!


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