Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Rag Bag

Yesterday the children and I took a little break in the action around here, and took a little trip to the "Rag Bag". One of my favorite places....I always find something special. This is not my first post about the "Rag Bag"......I posted last Summer about the wonderful stop...that is right on the way to the beach. His shop then was in a very old log cabin near the old mill pond. I was so sad when I found out the log cabin had burned down. Go back and read that post here.
Soooo...the "Rag Bag" has moved to "downtown" Trenton.
Trenton is a very small, but quaint little town. He is right next door to a bail bondsman....that is conveniently located across the street from the courthouse/county jail.
Take a look around.....

and one thing you won't see in the pictures above....

because it was already loaded in my truck!
This great old mantle....20 bucks! The picture does not do it justice...I love the old chucky wood. It is gonna look great on my brick fireplace wall......much better than the white "shelf thing" that is up there now.
I got this little goodie at a TS the other day....
I love the size of it and the antique green color, I don't think I can deal with little gay colonial guy....I will probably just flip it...IDK yet!
I need to get in the attic and get my box of Summer/Americana stuff...I better hurry before it gets to HOT!
Have a great day!


  1. What a great place! Sure would love to shop there too. That mantle was a fabulous find, can't wait to see pictures when you get it in your house. Have a great day, Dawn

  2. Love the is going to look so prim!

    I'd also like to take a walk thur the Rag Bag, loved all the chairs hanging on the wall:)
    Great post!

  3. What great store - full of treasures! Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog I love yours as well! We have lots in common. I'm a small town southern girl as well. We're trying to transform a ranch style house into something special too. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it! The outside looks just beautiful!


  4. Love your new mantel! I seen so many great things I wish I could buy in those pictures. Looks like a neat place to shop.


  5. What an awesome store! Love the mantle and can't wait to see it in your home!

  6. Thanks for pics of the store! It's great! I can't wait to see your mantle in your house! I'm sure it will really change the look of your room! You'll love it!

  7. I can see why the Rag Bag is one of your favorite places...loved the photos of the store! And what a great mantel...can't wait to see it in your home!!
    hugs, Cindy

  8. Wow LOVE the mantel and the store, the one's around here sell mass produced items, just not the same as handmade, ya know?

  9. SCORE!!! Now that place looks way too fun!! Thanks for the eye candy. Have a super weekend. Julie

  10. I love your little "treasure nook"! What a beautiful little spot; here, we hunt for bargains at the "Crazy Lady" antiques shop, a little spot with flea market booths crammed with books, furniture, antiques, vintage stuff and other secondhand beauties. I especially like the old kitchen cabinets crammed with fun knicknacks to buy.

  11. That place looks like a great shopping stop! I can't wait to see your mantel when you get finished with it! I can just picture how prim it will look! Great buy!


  12. Wow, I love that mantle & could I ever have fun in that store. I would love it if there were a store like that near me. You never know what kind of treasures they hold, buried somewhere if you look hard enough. Have a wonderful day, Beth.

  13. Hey Beth,

    I just happened to click over to your profile and saw your age as 943! You cracked me up! Do you really feel that old????


  14. Hey Beth
    You did great! I found my groove in stores like that.
    Thanks for posting my giveaway banner! Hope you win!!!

  15. I love that store!! I wish we had one like that around here!! I love your mantle I can't wait to see it all done up!!!~Wendy

  16. Love the pictures, I so want to shop there. ;D

  17. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


  18. We just found this post. My husband Luke and I own the Rag Bag in Trenton. We were so surprised how nice it looked! We actually bought the building 2 doors down and it is jammed full. Thank you so much for your comments. Come back anytime. Luke and Aileen McKinney, Trenton NC Would love to see you again.


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