Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Can You Prim a Track Light?

Well let's see!
I know what you are thinking....Why would I want to? Well it all started when I decided to make a change in my kitchen. My Kitchen and dining area is combined, so I have always used a piece of furniture as an island. I took it out, put the leaf back in my table, turned it around so it is a long harvest table...and I liked it!
But my light fixture was no longer over my table...um what to do? Well first I had my husband to take it down cause I kept walking under it and getting pip berries hung in my hair!!! ( it hung from a beam) I thought I would get one of those lights those goes up in the ceiling...well Joey reminded me that beam is solid, the wires come thru a little hole. I did not want him to have to move the wiring. So we went to Lowe's and looked at lighting. I just wanted something for the lighting....I did not want a focal point. I had already decided to make a candle-lire to go over my table. I saw a couple of things I liked 79$-178$ ......I don't think so! So I found one for 29$...it would give me the lighting I need and I could change the look.....right?

So here I go....(I Love spray paint!)

....and then my dear husband put it up for me

Wait I am not done yet....

I would say yes, yes you can prim a track light!
Coming soon....the prim candle-lire!

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  1. Your new light looks great! I love spray paint, too. We got a new vanity light for the bathroom from Lowes, it was kind of Bronzey colored. Well, I got it home & sprayed it flat black with just a little brown showing through. When I get my new shower curtain, I will post pics of my BR on my blog. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. By jove, I think you've got it!
    Looks great!

    Have a great night, Kimberly

  3. Beth,
    You did a great job turning that track light into a prim light. Love how you hung the baskets and other items around the light. It looks great!!

  4. Great job on that light. I can't even see it with all the prim goodies up there!

  5. All I can say is you go girl! I love that rustoleum spray paint...great stuff! You did prim it up just fine!


  6. great idea! plus a nice display with it..I like it!

  7. What light?? All I see is a beam with wonderful prim things hanging from it. It looks great!

  8. Great job on primming the new light. If I hadn't seen the before. I never would guessed it wasn't prim from the start.

  9. I think your paint job allowed you to be able to hide the light within your baskets and other prim goodies. How genius! Can't want to see your candleir!

  10. Wow, look at you! It looks awesome:)

  11. Just the neatest idea, thanks for sharing!

  12. I just love the ideas I get from you creative ladies. I will have to try that with a lamp I have that needs to be primmed. Love it~~Julie

  13. Love what you did to the light! It seems I have started spray painting everything lately! It is always a quick way to breathe new life into any piece!
    Good job!


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