Monday, September 22, 2008

Taking Care of Bussiness

Okay first I have been tagged by Gina at Cat Nap Inn. So I have to name 6 things that you don;t already know about here goes:

1.I have ADD (attention deficit disorder).
I did not figure it out until I was an adult but I know I have always had it. I was taking child development classes and working as a Parent Educator with the Parents as Teachers program.......I was sitting in my office reading one day and I said this is me! Metal Health was in the same complex as my office so I went right over. I saw the Doctor and answered a lot of questions and he agreed. Today I take Strattera and it works wonderful for me.....without it I would go in circles all day chasing my tail! The meds are great but learning the keys to your ADD is even more important. I learned alot while taking an intense class on working with Autistic children. You have to learn what your brain needs to work it's best. For example....I stay more organized when I can see I took the doors off my upper cabinets, I like my pots and pans hanging from a pot rack. I recently moved my sewing machine and all my craft items over to another barn we have...I needed the space in my store and I wanted to get everything organized.
Here are a couple things that keep me on track

I hang my stencils up on pants racks, large patten sheets from magazines I had laminated and also hang up.

Ziplock bags are my friends... here I use them for patterns and floss.
( I am addicted to epatterns, I love them....if I feel bad I buy a Epattern...I love Them!!! watching it print out and then reading the directions...I just get happy!
Hey, It could be worse!)

It is a learning process and it takes self discipline. Remember there is no one size fits all when it comes to treatment...everyone is not the same.

Did you know that most ADD people are very creative and Smart! LOL

2. I love my PJ's.....I can do my best housecleaning or crafting in them and if you are my neighbors, you know I am not afraid to go outside in them!

3.I like to burn my pop tart just a little burnt on top with a glass of milk.

4. I love forensic shows! (Tru TV, Discovery ID)

5. Oh yea....I am right/Left dyslexic....That means I know the difference.....but I have to think for a split second or look at my hands.

6. I watched all the debates, conventions and I watch the news show every night.( I have not been watching much forensics lately).
The choice for President and Vice President is very clear to me. This is the most important election of my life....I am going to know all about it. I can respect other peoples choices if they are based on issues and facts but if you want to get me fired up tell me your voting a certain way just because everyone in you family does, or you heard something or got an email, or you never watch the news or read a newspaper, or your choice is base on plain and simple ignorance! My husband tells me not to mix my politics and my business because I am so passionate about it!

I know that was more than you wanted to know right!

I got this award from basketsnprims

I aso got this award form Country Girl at Home
Thank you so MUCH!!!

Okay I am gonna tag 5 people and give them these awards
The Simple Life
PepperCreekGatherings and

So girls take em' and run with em" cause you rock, I love your blogs and I would love to know more about you!

One more thing I found this morning .....check out this tutorial on this blog I loved it!


  1. Aw, thanks so much. I will get right on it.

    Nice organization going on, wish I could my act together.

  2. I wish I was better at organizing. I think I have a case of ADD and it shows in my organization. I get so lost and confused sometimes when I look at the mess in my craft room and office.

    I feel the same way about you about the upcoming election. Exactly!!

  3. Two of my kids have ADD and they are very creative also.
    I love how you have organized everything-You could be my best friend! When my friends call me they ask me what I am doing then say "wait, your organizing again aren't you" ? :)
    I love your header photo!
    Happy first day of fall,

  4. That was a cute blog post! Thanks for signing up in my giveaway. Your things are darling. I love your little owl in your banner, do you sell them in your Etsy shoppe? Godd luck, Jackie

  5. Very interesting learning more about you! And congrats on your awards!

  6. you should go over and visit angie at sandals and daisies. she has an autistic boy and is having trouble with his teacher. she could use the benefit of youe experience.
    i, too, am an organizing junkie...

  7. Thank You for the awards.. I am honored. It's nice of you to still like me even after I admitted I stalked your store everyday! LOL I'll take care of them tomorrow. I am really busy today, you can hear all avout it tomorrow afternoon! Thanks Beth! Justina

  8. I'm like you with the pop tarts. If I'm feeling like being "bad", I'll put some butter on it too! LOL

    Congrats on your awards!

  9. Thanks so much for thinking of me, I do enjoy reading your blog too:)
    I'll add your name to my sidebar since I have the awards posted there.

  10. Happy Fall! It was so interesting to read your list & I'm so jealous @ how organized you are. My craft room is such a mess & I waste alot of time looking for stuff. The rest of my house I keep up, but I go from one project to the next & don't always put stuff away. I love epatterns, too.


  11. your organization makes me can see why by my tagged post:) it was fun getting to know you better too! <3Lauren

  12. I love the idea of the pant hangers with the patterns. Great idea, Im kind of obsessive about order too and I like everything to be in its place. Now mind you ints not always in its place and that drives me crazy, but i do try. dawn

  13. So fun to read about you--you are an inspiration --i love your organization. Thanks so much for the awards--you are very kind. Have a great day. Julie

  14. I am with you on the Poptarts... but I'm learning to eat them cold if I want breakfast at work. LOL.

    Thanks for telling us about you.

    P.S. Thanks for all those helpful tips in your previous blog post.


  15. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog looks awesome I must stay and check it out.

  16. MaryBeth, I have just given you an award. You can pick it up here:

  17. I'd love it be as organized as you. But it usually last all of one day. I am trying to declutter so I can keep better track of my things.

  18. Beth...thanks for the awards and I will post the tag later :0)
    Wish you could come over and help me organize my craft room.
    Have a great day!

  19. I had to laugh at your post, my dad who is 86 is ADD and I can totally relate to all that you said! Hey congratulations on your awards. Great post and great blog!!!Have a wonderful day!

  20. I didn't even have to read anything about you to know that you are from North Carolina. When I read your post, I knew right away you are fellow southerner! I am from Danville,VA and my family is from NC. I've lived in New York for 18 years now, and I still miss Va and NC a lot.

    So the next time I visit my family, I will try to visit your shop.

    I love reading your blog, have to really update mine tonight, and will visit again soon.

  21. Love your blog Thank You for sharing with us : )


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