Thursday, September 25, 2008

Heeeee Heeee Heeee

That is a witch case you did not know.

I am taking a few minutes out of my mad crafting rush for my booth on Saturday.

I wanted to share a couple of my new friends with you. Old Haggie is a sweet old witch and look who is in her bag Boo the kitty!

And here is Prim Drac...You have to watch him...he likes to nibble on your neck!
Both are based on Chestnut Junction patterns.

My booth will be at the North Carolina Muscadine Harvest Festival....It is a blast!

When you go in the gate, they give you a wine glass and you go around and sample all day long! People are so sweet and eager to spend!!! It is a blast! The Winery's are intermingled with the other booths so I can step next door and get a little taste, just to wet my whistle.
Over 6000 people will attend! Hee Haw!!!!

It is very Windy and here today...but should pass by Saturday!


  1. I love your new stuff! You for sure will sell everything you have made. You do such a great job. Good luck!


  2. Your creations are faulous. I especially like the witch--darling--if a witch can be darling-LOL!! Good luck at the fair. I'm sure you will have great success. julie

  3. Sounds like a great reason for a festival! I love a sweet muscatel wine!!LOL You new gooides look great. I hope it is a big success!

  4. yeah Beth get em liquored up..they always spend are too funny..good luck at your booth..I love doing shows..its the getting set up part I hate...just let me yak with the folks and I am happy...and of course when they spend money its even better...have fun!!!!:)

  5. Hi Beth,
    How exciting! I think they should sell wine at all crafting events! People always buy more when they loosen up a bit! BTW: your music is really cute for this post!
    Have a great time!

  6. I love the dolls! So prim! I live in NC and didn't even know we were having a Muscindine Festival! Shows how smart I am!

  7. It all sounds so fun and you do great great work. I love all your prims. Wish I could go.


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