Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Come Sit A Spell In My Kitchen

Well come on in!

This door comes into my kitchen from the back porch.
(I took these pictures on Friday and I don't know what the heck that white thing is by the back door!)

This apple butter yellow cupboard did not look like this when i purchased it for five bucks. In fact my husband thought I bought it for firewood! With some paint and some Warren Kimble calendar pages decoupaged on the doors...it looks pretty good now!

I got my white sink for 2 bucks at an auction.

This green hoosier was purchased for me by my mother.....long,long before I ever thought about getting married.

My husband made the primitive pantry cupboard.

My Raggedy Ann's and Andy's....no I did not make any of them. They all came from yard sales....but they do inspire me.

If you have an old chair that the bottom is coming out of it ....hang it on the wall, the dolls won't mind! Sarah, my neice gave it to me.

Do you see my little pumpkin pillow tuck?

An old snuff box holds my muffin and tart pans.

The pie safe belonged to my Grandmother....it is priceless to me!

A little peek into my laundry room..yes I painted the sign.

I posted some more pictures a couple of weeks ago of my house, if you missed it click here!Ya'll come back!


  1. Oh Beth you kitchen looks great! I love seeing pictures of everyone's homes..you all inspire me so much:) Noah has been wearing his Halloween outfits! They're still just a bit big, but not bad. I'm collecting some pictures to post too:) Hope you have a great day! <3Lauren

  2. Thanks for the tour, wow you have some great stuff. I would be so distracted and looking at all your stuff if I were to stop by for real.

  3. Fabulous Beth!!!! I love all your treasures. Is that a picket fence in the window? Great idea if so.

    Keep the pic coming!


  4. Hi Beth,
    ...I have visited before, I don't remember if I left ya comment tho-that's very rude of me if I did not!!
    I enjoy your blog...very much!
    Your Kitchen is GREAT! Love all the pieces ya have......I know ya didn't mention it...it's in the background of a pic....but I really like your black staircase!! :)

    Have a wonderful day...I plan to visit more often!!


  5. Wow, you have some fabulous goodies in your kitchen. I just love it all. I love that mustard colored paint. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Oh my goodness! So nice to visit on this cold morning:)
    Your kitchen is fabulous Beth, love that cupboard that you got for $5.00 and your DH did a great job on your pantry, wish I had one:)

  7. It's a beautiful kitchen...your home is lovely, especially with all those "prim" touches (like the old-fashioned pie safe). Thanks for posting those great pics!

  8. holy cow! I love your Home!..love love love it..love your decorating style!!! love your pillow tuck...isn't machine embroidery too much fun! take care and have a great day! thanks for sharing a part of you!:)

  9. Beth, I love your house! Everything looks so nice! You're so creative.

  10. What a fabulous kitchen! I love everything about it. One question, did you paint your kitchen table and chairs? I've been wanting something very similar.

  11. Oh Beth...I love your kitchen! It looks so warm and cozy. Makes you just want to pull up a chair and talk for hours!


  12. I would love to see your home in person--it looks like it could be in a magazine. Thanks for sharing. Julie

  13. I'm so glad you left me a comment so I could find you! I LOVE your blog...in fact, I have listed you as a favorite so I can visit you often. I've just gotten into primitives and I love seeing how everyone else is decorating.

  14. Simply gorgeous! Its like taking a peek back in time. I bet you just love spending time there.

    You certainly did a wonderful job with that mustard cabinet. What a nice piece! I live in a tiny little house, but you can bet if I find a cabinet like that, I'll make room for it.


  15. Beth, love the pictures. Your house is great, love the old barnwood on the walls. Did you do that? Love the way in which you decorate!! Dawn

  16. There is so much I love I can't name them all. It's fantastic!

  17. Oh Beth, your kitchen is wonderful!! It is soo... cozy and inviting. I love it all. Your mini pillow tuck turned out great. Isn't machine embroidery just the best!!!

  18. Beth,

    If I come over to sit a spell in your kitchen, I might not leave! I LOVE your kitchen! It looks so cozy and inviting and like a great place to hang out! And did you really get that great sink for $2? That has to be the deal of a lifetime!

    I REALLY enjoyed this tour of your kitchen! I want to see more! :)


  19. Hi Beth,thanks for sharing your home. I love the Raggedy Anns! Everything is so neat and prim looking...I enjoy seeing it all...


  20. Everything looks great! I have the same tin Kings Soap laundry sign in my laundry room.
    I really enjoyed the tour. Thanks for sharing with us!
    Have a great week!

  21. Love all your decorating! You have some fabulous pieces!!


  22. It is all so warm and welcoming!
    So old world country and just lovely

  23. So many treasures...with lots of sentimental value. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  24. Love the pictures of your house! So cozy and oh so prim! GrEAT JOB!

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