Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Green With Envy?

Yes, Old Haggie says go to Etsy now and see her and her sister Aggie or she will turn you green!
I have just added the girls and more goodies to my fall section at 25% off! Really go look!

Check this out to.....but I am gonna win it! LOL


  1. LOL - cute title to this post. Even cuter witch!

  2. I love that witch. So green is right! ~ Pam

  3. Cute! And what an awesome give away! Thanks for lettig us know about it,

  4. clever title and the 'ol hag is looking pretty good!!

  5. Love the green Hag...she's a definite cutie!

  6. Beth, on that candle sleeve I use one of twigs free patterns but only used the top snowman. Go to her site and there is tons of stuff ~ free patterns, go to twig-cipes and twig-niques and she shows you how to do a candle sleeve, though I didn't use rivets. I sewed mine with a whipstitch and it slides on & off. Any questions let me know.
    twigs site



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