Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gracie Has A New Home!

Frosty's hat was full of 145 names. Mary-Kate had stirred and tossed them about over and over!

I could not believe the name she drew out....

Justina of Peper Creek Gatherings!I could not believe it because Justina was the first to enter...and because she posted on her blog she had a total of 6 entries (as many of you did), Do see the one by her name .....that means this was her first entry! Wow!
She did alot of trash talkin' but she is the winner!

Justina said...
I'm on it! need for anyone else to enter! He he.. She's got my name all over her.. Have a great day! (Of course I'll post though- so everyone can DROOL) Justina
November 19, 2008 9:50 AM

She posted this on her blog:

And If anyone else wins her..
I'm gonna come knocking at your door...
with my glue gun in hand!
I'll even bring extra glue sticks to throw.. LOL
Just kiddin'..
Good luck anyway's

Well Girl she is yours! Send me your address and your choice of room spray
Thank you to all of you who had such nice things to say! You will have another chance next month!


  1. Ohhhhhhhh Congrats Justina. But I was sooooooo hoping for her to come to my house, giggle. Do take good care of her.

  2. Congrats to Justina!! Lucky girl!

  3. Oh! I'm gonna cry! Amaya said she's gonna cry too! I just happend to get online and look- I really never thought I would win this one! OH YAY! I PROMISE to take good care of her. THANK YOU THANK YOU! Oh and by the way, I would have NEVER come at anyone with my glue gun... I just wanted her so bad. Justina

  4. Lucky you Justina! You'll have to post a pic of where you put her:0

  5. well, maybe i can intercept him at her mail box?? tee hee
    justina you are so darn lucky!!!

  6. Congratulations, Justina. I love Gracie, you lucky girl.

    ~ Pam ~


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