Saturday, November 22, 2008

Look...she got it!

I got an email this morning from the person whose name I drew in Bttersweet Prims Secret Santa Swap. It is so sweet so I will share it with you:

Hi Beth!
My name is Mary, and I'm the recipient of your BEAUTIFUL gift! Thank you sooooo much! I love it! You are one talented lady.....I don't have a blog, but if I did, I'd post pictures of the gingerbread man wall-hanging, and the lovely room spray, so everyone could see them! I sprayed my entire house with the room spray, and boy, everyone loves it!

Thanks again and have a wonderful Christmas!
~Mary Okabayashi~

I took a picture before I packed it up!

I added a hang tag to that said Sweet Christmastime.
I have to tell you I was inspired by Karen of My Colonial Home she posted some wall pockets a few weeks I thought it would be perfect for a gift! I am sooooo glad she liked it. Mary has a profile set up.....and she needs to start Blogging!
Don't forget the contest ends tomorow at 1:00 pm (my time) We will draw a winner at 7:00!


  1. You'd have to be happy with a gorgeous gift like that!

  2. What a sweet note, and an awesome gift she got!

    Ready for the drawing, giggle. I have the perfect chair for Gracie to sit on.

  3. Makes me wish I had gotten in that swap! I love that, and I have a place where it would fit perfectly.
    You ought to sell some.

    That was a sweet note Mary sent you.


  4. What a beautiful gift you sent. I also was in the swap so I will post when I get my gift. Like an idiot I forgot to take a pic of what I sent. I'm ready for your drawing, too, Gracie would like to live in Mi. and check out the snowmen here. LOL I think you should sell those, too. Too cute.

    ~ Pam ~

  5. Beth!!!!

    I LOVE that! Yay for Mary:)
    Ive got to get myself some of your room sprays

  6. Mary was sure lucky to get your special gift!! Love that Christmas wall pocket!

  7. Beth,
    I love the wall pocket with the gingerbread and candy canes that you gave Mary. It is soo...cute!!
    Can't wait to see who wins your giveaway.
    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  8. Oh how adorable....I'ts so full of wonderful eye candy!!!! And I'm so happy she was inspired by me!!! THANK YOU.


  9. Wonderful gift! Lucky Mary... she needs to stary bloggin...

  10. That is so cute and prim, I can just imagine the smile on her face when she opened it up, I know I would have had the biggest one on mine:)

    PS. I have a bed already for Gracie. lol

  11. did you machine embroider the tree? just curious..I love your pocket....have a good one...:>)

  12. Holy smokes, Mary hit the mother lode!! A wonderful note to a generous and sweet gal. :> )

  13. Awwww, that was sweet. And such a wonderful gift. I'm not surprised at all that she loves it.

  14. Yes Beth you are getting goooooood!!!...I am happy to be your drug dealer! lol...isn't it so much fun..I will never tire of pilgrim doll has an embroidered tag on her..I am adding them to my stockings too...have fun and come to me when you need a>)


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